!!!Happy Italian American Heritage Pride Day!!!


Columbus  day has always been more than the voyage of Italian born explorer Cristobal Colon ( Always gleamed over the genocide until the last decade or so), it has been a celebration of Italian Americans and their contributions. So let’s keep that in mind and celebrate.

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  1. Darth says:

    This election, in a nutshell.

  2. Darth says:

    Captured Lightning in acrylic

  3. Darth says:

    Biomimicry Thinking – ‘Tarantula Blue’ Now One Step Closer To Reality http://steamregister.com/tarantula-blue-now-one-step-closer-to-reality/

    “the spiders independently evolved the ability to make these blue colors using nanostructures in their exoskeletons, which they said could lead to new ways to improve computer or TV screens using biomimicry. This approach, also referred to as biomimetics, is used to imitate biological systems seen in nature in an effort to create sustainable solutions to real-world human challenges.

    Since the spider’s blue color is not iridescent, the researchers suggested that the same process could be applied to make pigment replacements that never fade, as well as to help reduce glare on wide-angle viewing systems in phones, televisions, and other devices.”

  4. Darth says:

    Humming bird got game

  5. Darth says:

    Julius Caesar, the pencil holder

  6. Sub Jack says:

    Fish tacos, beat that!

  7. Darth says:

    The Mammoth Pirates http://www.rferl.org/a/the-mammoth-pirates/27939865.html

    “In Russia’s Arctic north, a new kind of gold rush is under way.”

    “With the sale of elephant tusks under close scrutiny, “ethical ivory” from the extinct woolly mammoth is now feeding an insatiable market in China. This rush on mammoth ivory is luring a fresh breed of miner – the tusker – into the Russian wilderness and creating dollar millionaires in some of the poorest villages of Siberia.”

    “In status-mad China, mammoth ivory appears to be subject to an economic phenomenon whereby high prices drive increased demand, thus further raising prices. Once sculpted by a master carver, tusks like this pair on display in Hong Kong regularly sell for more than $1 million each.”

    • Sub Jack says:

      G-ddam culture that is hell bent in destroying biological diversity and now they are going after the remains of the fossil record…all for status symbol. And you wonder why I side with the Cylons.

      • Darth says:

        Once upon a time the Beaver hat was a thing here. When Ben Franklin arrived in France sporting one for rustic political appeal, it became a thing there too. The Beaver were almost wiped out in the ensuing fur trade driving Western expansion. Just so every Dandy could have a hat. It’s all relative I suppose.


        • Sub Jack says:

          The Beaver, the Bison freaking wild chickens…today, in just about any part of the world the urgency of our dwindling resources and damage to the ecosystem is known across social strata.

          The difference is the us heathens are all about consumerism, in eastern countries it’s coupled with mysticism…eat tiger balls and you’ll have a woody that can punch a hole in a concrete wall, that sort of shit.

          • Darth says:

            Mysticism? I dunno. It’s status: “I can afford this!” I mean, the tiger balls aren’t supposed to make you be nice to the neighbors or give one fresh minty breath, amiright? We know what that’s about. Some people buy sports cars, some people want to punch a hole in concrete. Same thing really.

            • Sub Jack says:

              It’s an ancient belief system, kinda like thinking the Clintons are swell.

              • Darth says:

                I know what it is, it’s still status IMO. I don’t see a whole lot of difference between the guy in China, who believes in the mystical power of the bone powder he’s buying that no one else can afford, and the Banker, who believes in the mystical power of Reaganomics, doing a rail of nose powder in the bathroom of his fav strip club. Just sayin’.

      • MSolomon2 says:

        humanity is a cancer on the world!

    • ALOE VERA says:

      That’s disturbing.

    • Green4E says:


      I’ve always been independent, doncha know…parties serve their masters…
      Drumpf is right on this “elections are rigged” spiel, but his solution is to turn it over to Lyin'(R)yan for further rigging!

      The election process needs to be totally revamped–Why would either major party want that??….8-)

  8. Darth says:

    U.S. Enters Yemen War Directly for the First Time With Attack on Houthis https://theintercept.com/2016/10/13/u-s-enters-yemen-war-directly-for-the-first-time-with-attack-on-houthis/

    “The U.S. military directly attacked Houthi rebels in Yemen for the first time on Wednesday – firing Tomahawk cruise missiles at three rebel-held radar stations on the Red Sea coast. The attack, which was in retaliation for a failed missile attack on a U.S. Navy destroyer on Sunday, risks drawing the U.S. further into the 18-month war.

    In March 2015, a coalition of states led by Saudi Arabia began a U.S.-backed bombing campaign against the Houthi forces, which four months earlier had seized Yemen’s capital and deposed the country’s U.S.- and Saudi-backed dictator. Since then, the U.S. has flown refueling missions for Saudi aircraft, supplied targeting intelligence, and resupplied the Saudi effort with tens of billions of dollars of weapons.”

  9. Darth says:

    New York is adding facial recognition and license plate readers to its river crossings http://www.theverge.com/2016/10/7/13200100/new-york-crossings-facial-recognition-license-plate-readers-alpr-cuomo

    “In a press conference this week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an ambitious plan to revamp New York City’s bridges and tunnels, dubbed the New York Crossings Project. But while the focus of the Crossings project is revamping infrastructure and improving traffic flow, the plan also includes a number of troubling surveillance efforts. Under the current version of the plan, 10 bridges and tunnels leading into the city will be equipped with facial recognition and license plate reading technology, giving police a comprehensive record of every car making the crossing.”

  10. ALOE VERA says:

    Question. Is it true that health insurance premiums have doubled and tripled, and/or people have had to change doctors because of PPACA?

  11. Green4E says:

    Hey Darth..For Wavey, too….8-)

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