Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize in Literature 2016: How does it feel?

He is not the voice of my generation but his message is transmutable, relevant in any epoch, strange vocals akin to mating cats, something that the world needs more of.   Well done!

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  1. bebe says:

    It is going to be a fabulous day today, as I was walking Pomchi around 7 ish this morning I saw the moon right in front us we were facing west, then coming back sunrise in the east .

  2. MSolomon2 says:

    19 vampire comics and graphic novels to sink your teeth into
    some of these sound really good!

  3. Sub Jack says:

    Rigged elections!!!!!!!!

    Of course the Donald will use it as an excuse for losing the elections, instead of taking responsibility for his actions. But what is truly an “AFFRONT” is that Neoliberals, formerly Democrats, will use it to discredit, bully, silence those that WILL continue to point put the ugly truth that DEMOCRATS rigged the elections to favor Clinton.

    Sorry, it’s going to be a LOOOOONG 4 TO 8 years MoFos because I’m never going to drop it nor milions like me that are no longer in the corrupt party. Have your win but know it was because YOU became something no better than a Trump supporter.

    As always this rant was brought to you by the word crooked Hillary 😉 and it’s aimed at the open internet.

  4. MSolomon2 says:

    Life after Trump: Republicans brace for betrayal and civil war after 2016

    At least three factions prepare to fight for the party, divided amid Donald Trump’s accusations of corruption and his appeals to fading demographics
    – may they BURN!

    • Sub Jack says:

      I hope the Democrats burn similarly—they both deserve it.

    • Darth says:

      Meh… I’ll believe it when I see it. They were supposed to be fractured and dead after they were all but eviscerated in ’08, then the Tea party came along. Then it was Obama who was a dictator, yada, yada, yada. These people have no place else to go. They’ll be back.

  5. bebe says:

    So much for Wikileaks 😀

    Hillary Clinton the grabber NOT an actor named Florence Henderson

  6. Darth says:

    Howard Dean just said that Donna Brazile is doing a “great job” of reforming the DNC. That’s ironic since she’s been also been implicated as being the mole that leaked debate questions to the Clinton campaign so they could prepare in advance against Sanders.

    A farce. All of it.

  7. Sub Jack says:

    This election shit is ruining Halloween.

  8. Darth says:

    That’s the spot…

  9. Darth says:

    Is there a cousin who does Blue Moon? ’cause I’m down.

  10. Sub Jack says:

    Dammit still a week away to my next job meeting….I can’t wait as I want to buzz my head now. I HATE when I have to brush my hair away from the ears.

  11. Tio Azúcar says:

    It appears ISIS is getting it’s collective ass handed to them starting today. There’s a major offensive underway.
    btw, check out the picture and read the story about the Yezidi Shrine. Talk about profiles in courage!

    BREAKING: Trump still clueless on ISIS as Mosul Offensive starts
    I am writing this diary from Iraq, and wanted to give a first person account of the imminent operation against the Islamic State of Iraq and Ash-Sham (ISIS) in Mosul. ISIS suffered a major symbolic defeat today and is likely to suffer a major strategic defeat in the coming days or weeks.

    At this point, Donald Trump will lose the election. But the recent military developments will deprive him and the GOP of a campaign talking point, as the Obama Administration deliberately and methodically prosecutes the war against ISIS. Trump constantly uses ISIS as a diversion to avoid talking about his sordid history of sexual assault:

    What does the radical Islamist group have to do with his lewd comments, one might ask? According to Trump, his comments were just “locker room talk” in a “world where you have ISIS chopping off heads and frankly drowning people in steel cages,” going into the gory details of ISIS’s propaganda videos. He excused his actions by saying there are worse things happening in the world and, essentially, he suggested that his offensive comments—despite vying for arguably the most important job in the world—are not significant.
    I’m not going to go into all the ways Trump and the Republicans are wrong on the war against ISIS because it’s already clear to everyone that they have no idea what they are talking about. I’ll just note one more instance in which Trump opportunistically accuses the Administration of a position he once adopted. Trump alleges (falsely) that US troop withdrawal from Iraq created ISIS, without acknowledging that the precursor to ISIS already existed in 2007, and that Obama had to withdraw because of the expiry of the status of forces agreement. But Trump himself said the US should “declare victory and leave” and withdraw in 2007. But enough about Trump. It’s not worth disputing his claims, because he is going to lose and nothing he says matters anymore.

    • Sub Jack says:

      It will be one step forward two step backs. I agree in that in anything of substance Trump’s words have no meaning as at this point he has become or should have become an after thought.

      • Tio Azúcar says:

        I’m thinking it’s two steps forward. Earlier today Free Syrian Army troops aided by Turkey took back Dabiq from ISIS. That is a victory worth celebrating!

        • Sub Jack says:

          There has always been victories, yes good indeed, but territories keep falling back in their hands. Encouraging is that the offensives are not just an American campaign, Syrian forces though…

          • Tio Azúcar says:

            Syrian ‘rebels’. iSIS has lost 40% of the territory they held. Things are finally moving in the right direction. According to the article FSA and Iraqi forces have been building trust, arming people within the city and running psych ops against ISIS. All done without large numbers of American boots on the ground.
            I wish them all the luck in the world rooted those bastards out.

            • Sub Jack says:

              Definitely they need all the luck in the world. If what is happening works then it should become the playbook for dealing with ISISL and other extremists.

    • fancykat says:

      Excellent report on a critical area and event Tio. I haven’t watched much news today. SO tired of Trump. Thanks for this good news.

  12. ALOE VERA says:

    Today marks my 9th anniversary DV-free. I’m alive! I’m proud! 🙂

  13. fi says:

    Beautiful night in Edinburgh.

  14. Tio Azúcar says:

    Advice needed, we want to get ad-bloc for both a Mac and PC. Any favorites?

  15. Sub Jack says:

    The moon looks great. Some thin clouds it looks like a perfect Halloween moon.

  16. Sub Jack says:

    WE buit this!

    Watch our world spiral past a terrifying climate milestone

    By Brian Kahn on Oct 2, 2016 Cross-posted from Climate Central

    The world has blown past the 400 parts per million carbon dioxide milestone, and is unlikely to return below that threshold again in our lifetimes. It’s the biggest climate news of the week, and quite possibly, the year. And it’s also a sobering reminder of what our carbon pollution problem is doing to the world.

    With that in mind, perhaps you’ve ruminated on it and stared at the Keeling Curve, trying to fathom how we got here. But if it hasn’t fully sunk in yet, please take a look at the carbon dioxide spiral below to get a grip on what our new reality looks like.

  17. Lizard says:

    Hey you old dawgs….

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