Happy Birthday 4EEEE!!!!



He’s always looking for trouble and Mrs.4EEEE keeps in him in check. Oh yeah he’s also a Putin undercover operative here to ensure Hillary loses the election…Kinda explains the Putin Bear tattoo covering his entire back.

Happy Birthday 4EEEE!!!!

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  1. Snoyoda says:

    I’ve seen many posts on the web lately that referenced: LOVE WINS!! Always remember, my friends, that we MUST LOVE each other. Times will get ugly soon.. Only through LOVE will we survive.. This means acceptance, and tolerance..

    • Man Jack says:

      It’s a hard message to embrace nowadays, but as I told a friend today, besides all the garbage we are experiencing, for the most part, unless one is unlucky enough to be located in a breeding ground of ignorance and hate, we can still go out and have some hope that if something happens to us in the street someone will come along to help without thinking which political party is being helped.

    • Darth says:

      I truly hope so. Things are far too polarized. Reason is rare thing when people are becoming so politically radicalized, the system seems to want it that way too. It always gets like this during a national election, but this is as bad as I can remember anyway. It makes me want to wash my hands of all of it, but I don’t think that’s the answer either. It’s turtles all the way down from here on.

    • Green4E says:

      SNO!!..Great that you could stop by and glad things are going good–come around when you can..Be well….8-)

  2. Man Jack says:

    HA! I saw this on Kimmel: Trump harassing an ugly woman

    It does add to the overall creep factor that he would find, sexual harassment funny enough to make this video.

  3. fancykat says:

    One of the biggest myths of the 2016 election has been that Donald Trump wants to be president – he doesn’t. While it’s true he wants to become president, that’s entirely different from actually doing the job. To Trump, being president is just another material possession or challenge to feed his own ego. He wants to become president so he can say to himself, “I’m the most powerful person in the world.”

  4. fi says:

    Good morning all. xxx

    • bebe says:

      Gabbbar @GabbbarSingh
      “Hindus for Trump” is a cheap copy of the great 17th century movement called “Brahmins for Aurangzeb”
      11:24 PM – 15 Oct 2016

      Tim O’Brien ✔ @TimOBrien
      Trump just invented a country: “I am a big fan of Hindu and I am a big fan of India.”
      7:47 PM – 15 Oct 2016

  5. bebe says:

    I have nothing to do with this, Jack`s friend Pomchi posted this…bad Pomchi 😀


    • bebe says:

      Hoe Hill contacted the contractors to built a permanent Dog House.
      Pomchi likes men but I bet she would bite Bill 🙂

  6. fluffjo says:

    Hi! And Happy Birthday, Lots of Eeees! ❤

    • Green4E says:

      FLUFFERS!!..TY, sweetie!..We sure do load up the Boss with events this time of year..All good in Fluffyville??….8-)

  7. fluffjo says:

    Pssst. Jack —- I think it is Haggis’s birthday, also, too. 😀

  8. fluffjo says:

    Okay! Thread is dead. Back to the salt mines…..

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