Final Presidential Debate 2016: Live Stream

Tonight will be Donald Trump’s Waterloo. This will have nothing to do with some grand insight or intricate policy analysis from “Crooked Hillary” it will be because of one person only; Donald Trump himself.

There is no doubt, historians are going to have more material to dissect from this election than any before it, that the political system that was uniform for the last  thirty years imploded. Two individuals one on the Democrat side and one on the Republican side hacked to pieces the tenets that their parties stood for…with overwhelming collusion from the media and much hyper partisanship from the voters we ended with the two least desirable candidates.

The American vote will come down to:

Mad partisanship that never considered, the issues, policy, based just the cult of personality.

Moderate ethos that holds the candidates accountable to their  history, moral statue and ability to lead.

The reluctant vote, AKA holding your nose. Voters that see this is a contest  between the lesser of two evils and chose the candidate they feel will do less harm.

Dissenters /Independents. These groups of voters have never been part of the dual political monopoly or have left  their party recently because of the blatant corruption.

So who’s right?

ANSWER: All of them. Regardless of which candidate wins, GO JILL STEIN LOL, the American vote, such as it is, increases your chances of representation, your vote has the potential to shape American policy, but above it all

It’s our moral obligation handed down to us from the founding fathers; a vote in America, STILL, insures a peaceful transition of power.

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    ‘Mornin’, Realmsters!..CAWFFEEEE!!..TGIF, amiright?..Brrrr–close to freezing last night but no frost, whew..Cuppa-cuppa!….8-)

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    Some clever folk out there.

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