Concession Obsession


What happens if Donald Trump does nor concede after losing the election?


Conceding after losing is symbolic act. He may have the right to push for litigation based on whatever the law allows but it will be on him to prove wrong doing of any kind.

I hope he makes a big stink out of it because:

  1. Hillary Clinton needs to feel some pressure.
  2. Something may come out of if, remember Florida’s “Hanging Chads?”
  3. Fucking Democrats.

In the end nothing WILL come out of  it to favor Trump and from an insane Presidential election cycle it seems a fitting end. Whatever  politics WAS  has changed forever, get used to it.

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219 Responses to Concession Obsession

    • Man Jack says:

      Given that the primaries WERE rigged this idiot may not be wrong. This is what happens when people support corruption.

      • Green4E says:

        Exactly, Boss..The problem with his supporters is they think he will do something about it..For her, it’s OK ‘cuz it’s time for a woman….8-)

  1. Man Jack says:

    Did I say Blah today? BLAH!!!!!

  2. bebe says:

    fancy !!!!!!!!
    Hope you are well ❤ ❤

  3. Man Jack says:

    WAKE UP POMCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Man Jack says:

    Every man wants to be a BAD, BAD HOMBRE
    To have the kind of TINY HANDS that are in demand
    GRABBING PUSS’ in the mornings, go, HOMBRE, go
    You can best believe me
    He’s a BAD HOMBRE
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    I gotta be a BAD HOMBRE (I gotta be a)
    BAD, BAD HOMBRE, yeah
    I gotta be a HOMBRE (Ow!)

  5. Man Jack says:

    Notice how this fraud calls herself progressive. This is why I don’t trust Democrats:

    • Darth says:

      “But how will the FDA weigh the concerns of citizens, scientists and health professionals against the interests of the food and chemical industries?”

      Since they won’t even mandate that consumers be informed about milk that comes from cloned cows or food point of origin, I can guess.

    • Man Jack says:

      I can’t even pronounce Phthalates! just call it Naphthalene or better yet mothballs. I wish I could go back in time to granny’s farm I used to hate the gamey chickens, now I pay up the wazoo for free range hormone free chicken.

  6. Darth says:

    It should be a crime to be this adorable.

    The World’s Only Brown Panda Is, Literally, One Of A Kind.

  7. fi says:

    Another day over, goodnight dear Realmfolk. xxx

  8. Man Jack says:

    Gotta get some grub.

  9. Darth says:


  10. Man Jack says:

    Was channel surfing the other day and I saw an episode of the Brady Bunch, I seem to be developing a pre-internet affinity–jackhole’s island anyone? anyway Sam the butcher sold more than 8lbs pounds of assorted meats for $3 and change and the guy buying it almost had a fit.

    Nowadays $3buys you a chickens ass!

  11. ALOE VERA says:


  12. Darth says:

    “Located on the edge of the Pearl River, the 138-metre Guangzhou Circle was designed by Di Pasquale of Milan studio AM Project to provide an iconic headquarters for Chinese companies Guangdong Hongda Xingye Group and GDPE Guangdong Plastic Exchange.
    Doughnut-shaped skyscraper completes in Guangzhou”

  13. Man Jack says:

    I think my wife is right about me being color blind, I may be slightly on the CB scale.

  14. Darth says:

    If anyone is having problems with Netflix and lots of other stuff:

    This Is Why Half the Internet Shut Down Today

    “Twitter, Spotify and Reddit, and a huge swath of other websites were down or screwed up this morning. This was happening as hackers unleashed a large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the servers of Dyn, a major DNS host. It’s probably safe to assume that the two situations are related.

    Update 4:22 PM EST: Looks like this is probably going to get even worse before it gets any better. Dyn says they are being hit with a third wave of attacks. Dyn told CNBC the attack is “well planned and executed, coming from tens of millions IP addresses at same time.”

  15. Man Jack says:

    Baseball and shit is happening isn’t it?

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