Trumping Democracy


Ever-since Bernie began closing his offices before the California Primaries I stopped campaigning against Hillary Clinton. I sure as hell  not supporting her BUT any relevant info regarding her stopped being about keeping her from the WH and is offered  to point out that it’s a mistake that is,  actually is more insidious than that, ignoring her  30 years of scandals, she built that, duplicity, corruption and that presenting HER  as an honest politician is one of the most treasonous acts I can think of.

I support Jill Stein, I liked her message going back five years or so but I could never deal with the some of the rhetoric from Green candidates. The party certainly is not ready for primetime and thus has not done well to date. It reminds me of an early coffee party movement, good ideas, lousy execution and horrible party officials leadership.

That’s not to say Jill cold not win the Presidency, certainly there’s momentum on the anti-establishment  side of the political spectrum; today we have the largest number of registered independents in US History;

but this is due to the influx of new political dissenter voters from the Democratic camp—they still carry a lot of the “liberal” programing that is so conflicting to  the Progressive AGENDA, mainly HERO worship. Breniecrats are split; some are not ready to let go and will write him in against his wishes the others plan to support Stein. If for some reason the  MEDIA HYPE that”says” Berniecrats are now for Hillary is untrue, come on the media NEVER lies wink,wink, and the majority joins the Green we could have an interesting election—no doubt the DEMOCRATS will pull every dirty trick in the book to keep this from happening but this is nothing more than musing.

As of now HRC will be the next POTUS. She will define her presidency ( with a little help of her corporate masters–I had to throw this in for MS) not me, not you not her insane supporters…Our part is to reject the hyper-partisanship and yes even the hyper-opposition and hold her accountable for her betrayals and bad policy and support the good and push her to represent the PEOPLE. If you plan to blindly accept her without accountability you have failed the ‘Grand experiment that is America.’

“I cannot help fearing that men may reach a point where they look on every new theory as a danger, every innovation as a toilsome trouble, every social advance as a first step toward revolution, and that they may absolutely refuse to move at all.”

~Alexis de Tocqueville

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  1. Lizard says:


  2. MSolomon2 says:

    13 eerie anime series that reveal the diversity of Japanese horror

  3. Darth says:

    The humanity!

  4. Man Jack says:

    Why is it that suddenly, election fraud, accusations from Trump, of any importance? When the real fraud ( DNC) happened during the primaries they could not wait to move on fast enough.

  5. Green4E says:

    Pentagon suspends California National Guard bonus repayments

    “The Pentagon worked Wednesday to stave off a public relations nightmare, suspending efforts to force California National Guard troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan to repay their enlistment bonuses that may have been improperly awarded.

    “Defense Secretary Ash Carter ordered the suspension in the wake of angry reaction from congressional Republicans and Democrats. They demanded he relieve the burden on Guard members following news reports that soldiers were asked to repay bonuses that in some cases totaled more than $25,000.

    “The announcement does not end the reimbursement process, but postpones collection efforts while the Pentagon and Congress look for a long-term solution…”

    “House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who had pressed the Pentagon to suspend the program, said Wednesday, “I’m glad the Pentagon came to its senses.””


  6. Man Jack says:

    Did the Cleveland put those goat hating Cubs down?

  7. Green4E says:

    I feel another suit comin’ on… ….8-)

  8. misterx27 says:

    Hillary,as Barack before her,has had to work in the system that exists,or they would have gotten creamed.If progressives want real change to the system,start fighting for it at the grass roots for change that will actually make a difference.
    Bitching about whether Hillary is “with” you is a dodge.There is widespread agreement that your system is fatally flawed.Nothing less than constitutional change will remedy the shit you are in.Money MUST be removed from the equation,IMO.
    Trump is but a symptom of the rot

  9. bebe says:

    Lovely CG have not seen you lately, we have been friends for a long time.
    You are very important in The Realm and it is not the same without you.
    Hope you are all right 🙂

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