Happy Halloween: Something Wicked This Way Comes!


Folklore says; long ago in a strange place only known  to us as “The land of the free, home of the brave” There were two warring clans one Red the other Blue. They were perpetually locked in mortal combat over who would have control of the land for a few years at a time.

The people of this land often thought they were clever ,mainly because they typed cute characters on tiny hand held devises but they seldom took the time to look up and around their surroundings to see the truth.

A great multi-tentacle monster ( the records points out it had different names usually ending in Org., Corp, Inc….) that fed on tiny pieces of green paper and human suffering infiltrated the warring clans and told them both they would be ruler. So the clans picked the two of the worst possible  Demon warriors to represent them in the battlefield.  The Red menace was powerful and terrifying, he devoured all the underlings to fuel his secret weapon..HATE. This menace knew no sanity and his hate was overwhelming.

The Blue Pantaloon was an equally terrifying beast but her secret weapon was lies, she used it to hypnotize the people of the land and control the story makers of the land. After a great battle the monster had consumed the souls of the Demon warrior followers but was wounded. So a plan was set in motion to have the Blue Pantaloon Demon warrior be the victor and save the monster with green paper transfusions…the archives are spotty as to what happened next, some claim the Red  Demon  warrior survived the final battle and plunged the world into darkness, more tangible evidence suggest it was the Blue Demon Pantaloon that won, then grew bigger and more powerful than the  tentacle monster but could not control HER growth and set in motion the end of that long forgotten world.

THIS  tale is myth, but the monsters and  Demon warriors? They are real, they’re here  alive TODAY! but what ultimately destroys is apathy, wanton ignorance, intolerance, false pride and it’s inside of everyone slowly bubbling, clawing, scratching waiting to take over you….   


Happy Halloween.

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