Happy Dia De Los Muertos!



Or as  Donald Trump says, “Mexican Halloween.”

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  1. ALOE VERA says:

    The Nitty-Gritty Details About the Big Privacy Win at the FCC
    “Last week, internet users won a huge victory for online privacy at the FCC. At its October meeting, the Commission took a tremendous stride forward and voted 3–2 to adopt broadband-privacy rules.”

  2. ALOE VERA says:

    The Green New Deal
    “The Green New Deal will convert the decaying fossil fuel economy into a new, green economy that is environmentally sustainable, economically secure and socially just. The Green New Deal will guarantee full employment and generate up to 20 million new, living-wage jobs, as well as make the government the employer of last resort with a much-needed major public jobs program.”

  3. Something has been bothering me a lot!

    The rallying call among educated individuals has always been having “ALL” possible info available to make informed choices.

    SUDDENLY, that principle has been politically hijacked and made into something dirty. It does not matter that the recent, CONTINUATION, into the Clinton emails may not implicate her so called LIBERAL supporters, like a horde of ‘NASTY’ trolls, descended on the internet demanding that queries into HRC be stopped.

    Then some FBI and partisan politicians made clear that it goes against policy to release ANY information that may have an impact so close to an election.


    We have the American people fighting to keep information, be it reliable or not, from reaching the citizenry—you in your partisanship are surrogates of censorship ONLY because you think it may impact negatively the chances of you HOMEGIRL form reaching the WH.

    So what about if it was information that would devastate Trump, would you want to have it before the election?

    “…it is often easier to fight for principles than to live up to them.”
    ~Adlai Stevenson
    Speech to the American Legion convention, New York City (27 August 1952)

    • Classical Gas says:

      You can’t have it both ways – everybody’s ox gets gored. As it should be.

      If your candidate can’t stand up to scrutiny, perhaps you need a better candidate. This applies across the board. This isn’t an episode of DWTS, y’know.

    • Green4E says:

      We can’t handle the truth, doncha know….8-)

  4. Classical Gas says:


  5. The FBI against all logic absolves HRC of any criminality and pro-establishment Democrats have a collective orgasm, then the FBI says hey there’s new stuff we need to look at and pro-establishment Democrats have a massive bout of Fecal incontinence.

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