Defeating Trump

Well smart asses do you have a better idea?

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  1. This is why I keep harping about Dems, the POTUS and so on…When we allow power grabs, we extend the same power to the “BAD” guys, or did we actually think no Republican would ever be in power again?

    Democrats won’t be able to block Trump appointments due to rules they imposed
    By: The Washington Post November 19, 2016

    Senate Democrats are not going to be able to block Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions bid to become attorney general. And they can’t do much to stop Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo from assuming the helm of the CIA.

    And they have only themselves to thank for it.

    • Darth says:

      “did we actually think no Republican would ever be in power again”

      I think that explain a lot of things. Like Democrats turning on their own base:

      “We’re going to have a Democratic generation. [President Obama] helped create it. But it’s just where America’s moving demographically, ideologically and in every way,” said the senator in an interview with Politico Magazine during the Democratic National Convention last summer. In July, Schumer made another rosy prediction at a forum hosted by the Washington Post: “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

  2. Classical Gas says:

    167 wounded, several of them elders. No fatalities, so far.

  3. fi says:

    Good morning folks. xxx

  4. Tio Azúcar says:

    So, there’s speculation that trump’s hotels, etc, overseas could become prime targets for terrorists. That makes sense to me.

  5. Darth says:

    Elder in Critical Condition after Going into Cardiac Arrest at Scene of DAPL Barricade Clash

    “CANNON BALL, NORTH DAKOTA—An unidentified elder is in critical condition as the result of going into cardiac arrest at the scene of a major confrontation between about 400 water protectors and heavily militarized law enforcement on Sunday evening.

    The fierce confrontation occurred at the Backwater Bridge on Highway 1806.

    Police used pepper spray, rubber bullets and a high-pressured water cannon during the confrontation. Four people have been treated for hypothermia after being doused the water cannon that was used for crowd control. The temperature on Sunday evening in Cannon Ball, North Dakota was 26 degrees F.

    The confrontation began after one of the burned trucks left on the bridge on October 27 was moved by the water protectors who were tired of it blocking the highway.

    Protesters are “done with the military-style barricades,” according to Dallas Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network organizer.

    He wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday night: “It was to open up the road so in the daylight the world can see the face of militarized law enforcement and state oppression.”

  6. Darth says:

    Water Cannons Fired at Water Protectors in Freezing Temperatures Injure Hundreds

    “Cannon Ball, ND– Hundreds of water protectors were injured at the Standing Rock encampments when law enforcement blasted them with water cannons in freezing temperatures Sunday evening. The attacks came as water protectors used a semi-truck to remove burnt military vehicles that police had chained to concrete barriers weeks ago, blocking traffic on Highway 1806.

    Water protectors’ efforts to clear the road and improve access to the camp for emergency services were met with tear gas, an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), stinger grenades, rubber bullets, and indiscriminate use of a water cannon with an air temperature of 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Some flares shot by law enforcement started grass fires which were ignored by the water cannons and had to be extinguished by water protectors. Law enforcement also shot down three media drones and targeted journalists with less lethal rounds.

    The camp’s medical staff and facilities are overwhelmed and the local community of Cannonball has opened their school gymnasium for emergency relief.

    The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Emergency Medical Service department arrived on scene to administer medical services. The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe also sent Emergency Medical Service vehicles to the Oceti Sakowin Camp to assist. Hundreds are receiving treatment for contamination by CS gas, hypothermia, and blunt traumas as a result of rubber bullets and other less lethal ammunition.

    The military vehicles blocking the bridge were burned in a blockade fire on October 27, after law enforcement raided and cleared the “1851 Treaty Camp,” an occupation of the pipeline corridor and reclamation of unceded territory. Despite the obvious public safety risk, and despite promises from Morton County that they would clear the road, law enforcement has insisted on keeping the vehicles on the bridge for weeks. This obstruction of Highway 1806 threatens the lives of the water protectors and residents of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, as emergency services have been needed but unable to reach camp quickly. The blockage also unjustly restricts the free movement of local residents and hurts the Tribe economically by cutting off travel to and from the Prairie Knights Casino. Images of the burned vehicles have fed negative, distorted, and sensationalist media portrayals of the encampment.”

    • Darth says:

      The burning trucks are being used as a propaganda tool


      • Darth says:

        “to flank and attack law enforcement”

        eat your heart out, Goebbels.

        • Classical Gas says:

          I was listening last night to one of the livestreamers as he recounted how a couple of the MSM people asked permission to use some of his footage. He told them to go ahead and then related how badly the situation was being misrepresented.

          Once again, it’s all about manufacturing consent and painting protesters as vicious anti-American idiots. I find myself wishing for a plague on all of the lying liars. Seriously.

          I was almost in tears last night watching the footage. Land of the free, is it?

          I remember when the news was excoriating The USSR for propaganda and a State-controlled media… 🙄

          • Darth says:

            “the news was excoriating The USSR for propaganda and a State-controlled media”

            The irony is palpable. Something about chickens and a roost.

  7. That’s it I need to stop looking at comments on news media, social networks and platforms. When I see the very people that called Berners all kinds of names and rejected our truthful claims of unfair elections claiming the election was rigged against Hillary I barf.

  8. Darth says:

    North Dakota Law Enforcement Official: “I’ll ultimately be paid by the oil people…”

    “Tyler Falk is listed in an ND DOCR quarterly newsletter from 2007 (PDF) as Assistant Team Leader, DOCR Prisons Division. DOCR newsletters from earlier years demonstrate Falk’s background in tactical operations, crowd control and the use of less-lethal weaponry.

    A 2013 briefing from a North Dakota State Supreme Court case identifies Falk as a probation officer working in Jamestown, ND (where the Stutsman County Sheriff is headquartered).

    When asked whether Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) or Dakota Access, LLC has offered to provide funding for law enforcement responses to pipeline protests, Cecily Fong, Public Information Officer for the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services, wrote:

    “ETP has not provided funding to any law enforcement agency or state agencies. They do, from time to time, allow a law enforcement officer to fly in their surveillance helicopter along with the pilot.” – Cecily Fong, PIO NDDES

    (DeSmogBlog recently published an in-depth report about how Dakota Access was able to fly a helicopter over the pipeline area during the no-fly zone)

    When shown the specific email in question sent by Tyler Falk, Fong replied:

    “My guess is this is wishful thinking. I know of no mechanism through which we would be reimbursed by the pipeline company.” – Cecily Fong, PIO NDDES

    Tyler Falk’s “wishful thinking” about being being “paid by the oil people” appears to have been validated earlier this month, when Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelsy Warren told CBS that his company has offered to cover law enforcement costs incurred while policing #NoDAPL water protectors. The CBS news segment shown below ends with the reporter saying

    “Warren told us the company wants to reimburse the state of North Dakota and Morton County for millions spent so far for protests and security, but that authorities have not yet accepted his offer.” -- CBS reporter Mark Alpert"
    • Classical Gas says:

      I usually just wipe it off and out with a damp tea towel (which goes right into the bleach water afterwards) before proceeding. That’s a very old habit, out of the 50’s – go figure.

    • Darth says:

      “Washing raw meat and poultry can cause bacteria to spread up to three feet away.”

      What, are we washing it in the shower? I feel like this one of those ‘greater good’ arguments because the eggheads assume that we don’t know what cross contamination is, so we’re better off risking eating with it with WHATEVER is on it so a few drops of salmonella don’t end up in the jello. I’ll keep rinsing the meat & veggies I’m going to eat if it’s all the same, thx. I also keep a spray bottle of bleach water handy, hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

  9. Classical Gas says:

    Jim Wright
    2 hrs ·
    Standing Rock

    “Lest we forget among the election news, the conflict in North Dakota between DAPL and its opponents is still ongoing.

    Last night militarized law enforcement fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters and sprayed people with water cannons for hours in freezing temperatures.

    This should not be happening in the United States of America.

    The people protesting, mostly members of various Native American tribes, aren’t just out there blocking the way for no good reason.


    • ALOE VERA says:

      This makes me sick to my stomach, CG. Thanks for keeping us updated.
      Where is Obama? Where is our Congress? Where is the DOJ? What the hell are any treaties around the world worth if the treaties made with Native Americans are stomped on? How can this nation really sink so low that oil $ is more important than anything else? Why the hell don’t we even honor our Constitution??!!
      I’m sorry for rambling.

    • Darth says:

      “Business, money, oil, over people, stomping roughshod over irreplaceable history at the expense of our future, the coming administration is unlikely to care much about those who are in the way.”

      Yet this is happening NOW, under the CURRENT administration. And they wonder why people don’t vote.

  10. So to those who salivate over Obama still. Has he done anything to STOP the human rights violations at Standing Rock? I mean he is a Nobel Peace price winner no? a constitutional expert? how about FUCKING POTUS?

  11. Well I need damn chestnuts for the stuffing.

  12. Classical Gas says:

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em…

    “At first, Trump’s FCC may simply decide not to enforce the rules. But soon they would take formal steps to strike the rules from the books, said an FCC official who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to speak more freely.

    “They could potentially blow everything up fairly quickly,” said the official, who added that any vote to overturn net neutrality could be met with a lawsuit filed by supporters of the rules.

    Under the current net neutrality rules, which were upheld by a court in a separate legal proceeding this year, it is illegal for Internet providers such as Comcast and AT&T to put up barriers to the websites consumers want to reach. Providers cannot block or slow videos, for instance, in order to favor email traffic. And they cannot demand special payments from website operators just so that the sites’ content can reach Internet users.”

    • We create this monster via Democratic leaders. Remember how much I bitched about Ajit Pai and Michael O’Rielly? I said that Obama was destroying Net Neutrality by his appointments and these two Republican sycophants will kneel before TRUMP.

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