Happy Thanksgiving

A bounty to you and yours!

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    • Tio Azúcar says:

      A billboard shows U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the town of Danilovgrad on November 16, 2016. (Getty Images)

      • Look at the image, it’s a meme from some site, I look for info on it without clicking to the site itself—just a Russian rag similar to Raw Story. Not a government billboard.

  1. Tio Azúcar says:

    A “Neighborhood Town Watch” sent this letter out to a hijabi Muslim woman in Harrisburg, PA. She took the letter to the local mosque and wanted to stay out of publicity.

    • MSolomon2 says:

      Harrisburg! That’s where I live! I can’t say I’m surprised here in “purple” PA. Far too many sick in-bred reich-wingers here. Dark, dark days are ahead, I see only constant decline now into greater darkness… All the poisons are hatching out.

  2. Green4E says:

    “Protesters fighting pipeline construction must vacate property near the Cannonball River in North Dakota — the location of a large campsite for demonstrators — by December 5 or face arrest, the Army Corps of Engineers said Friday.

    “This decision is necessary to protect the general public from the violent confrontation between protestors and law enforcement officials that have occurred in this area, and to prevent death, illness, or serious injury to inhabitants of encampments due to the harsh North Dakota winter conditions,” Col. John Henderson of the Corps said in a letter to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe leader.”

    “…Henderson said protesters can relocate to a “free speech zone” south of the river.”


  3. Tio Azúcar says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ FANCY ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. bebe says:

    Happy after thanksgiving all !!!!

    Being in Midwest Cincinnati is known for it`s classy cuisine. Last night in

    • bebe says:

      Cincinnati Brings the French: Jean Robert’s Table

      No chef in Cincinnati, Ohio has more cachet than Jean Robert de Cavell. His previous restaurant, Jean Robert at Pigall’s carried the fine dining torch after the closing of the Maisonette, which was the longest running Mobil five-star restaurant in the country. For the New Yorkers: de Cavel was the chef at La Regence, which was awarded three stars by the New York Times and named one of the best French restaurants in the city (youngster that I am, I’ve never heard of this place, but three stars speaks for itself).

      But now, as everybody knows, the times are trending downscale, and with it comes de Cavel’s new restaurant in a former Lone Star Steakhouse: Jean Robert’s Table.

    • Tio Azúcar says:

      Mmmmmm, mussels……………..

      • bebe says:

        Great , we ordered several appetizers and shared.
        My entree was
        Sea Scallops Light truffle cream, red wine risotto, cauliflower, medley of peas, oyster mushrooms

    • Looks good, you’ve been there Babe with 2EEs?

  5. fi says:

    Just C&P from twitter.
    Castro: I will not die until America is destroyed
    Trump: I’m gonna be the president
    Castro: well then

  6. fi says:

    Sorry, have not been around for a few days, internet connection was down until today, someit to do with the fibre optics thingy, and the freezing weather, its actually 2*C today, warmest its been for a week, its been -7 most nights.

  7. Green4E says:

    Feel like you’re at risk?
    We have compiled a list of resources to help you.


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