A Big, Beautiful, Powerful Wall!

An unidentified west Berliner swings a sledgehammer at the wall near Potsdamer Platz on Nov 12 1989.


Walls, shelter, they are the basic blocks of our homes; I think someone like Jimmy Carter can teach us about the good USE of walls, at 92 he still building walls to shelter those who are the most needy… but walls can also imprison and segregate us–the President-elect has such aspirations.

I for one welcome TRUMP’S wall. Sure it’s a symbol of hate that will come with an astronomical price tag, I doubt that it will come to fruition or that the Mexican people can be strong-armed into paying for it.

The thing is that walls that divide, get bombed with political graffiti, they develop cracks, they become impossible to maintain and people demand to have them torn down–in the quest to divide they paradoxically inspire people to fight, to find new constructs, new ideas a new collective voice of resistance. Maybe we need the Goddamn wall to show us that the hyper-partisanship is poison, that like it or not we need to work together—-if not those walls will become our graveyard. The choice is yours!

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  1. Tio Azúcar says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ FANCY ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Tio Azúcar says:

    So, I’ve mentioned before that we have a long driveway, 350′. It was repaved this year and it was a breeze for the John Deere with snowblower to clear. Thing is our driveway opens into a town owned parking lot, the edge of which is still our road. We live at the end of that road, the paved part anyway. Well, it snowed here early yesterday. Not a lot, but enough that you didn’t want it compressed and freezing. For the nine years we’ve been here the town seems to forget that we, tax paying citizens, live here and don’t clear us out until after all the roads are done and they move on to the parking lots. I end up doing our driveway and then another 300-350′ to the main drag.
    Yesterday, I was clearing that town owned, because they can’t be counted on to do it themselves, when my machine found the raised edge of a small ‘man hole’ cover. It stopped my machine dead in it’s tracks, throwing me against the windshield of the cab, putting a gouge in my scalp, scraping my shins and worst of all giving me, what I assume is, whiplash. I’m in quite a bit of pain and will probably go to the hospital to be checked out in the morning.
    I went to town hall today to tell them what happened and politely asked that either they plow us out in a timely manner our level off the manhole. The department head is supposed to call me back. I’m thinking he won’t and I wondering if the next call to him should be from a lawyer. btw, the JD was also damaged, the repair guys are coming soon to check it out.

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