2017 Year Of The Dumbass

EDITOR’S NOTE: My Bum would never go near that! I’d rather use a tie, a T-Shirt or my hands.

I know it’s not fair to trash a new year before patterns begin to arise but bad form or not, it  will start with one of the most contemptible human beings in politics at the moment as head of the “FREE WORLD” it’s a handicap that it may not recover  from.

How do you see 2017 playing out?

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913 Responses to 2017 Year Of The Dumbass

  1. Lizard says:

    Anybody remember a “Priscillia Clownshoes” on HP? That name always cracked me up.
    I actually found a Priscillia Clownshoes on Facebook and she lived in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island not too far from me.
    Sent her a msg but she never responded. Probably thought I was a crazy clown stalker or something.

    “Tinkibot” was another character on HP, from Australia as I recall. She was really funny and once said she was having a bad day and felt like “someone wearing giant clownshoes running thru a minefield”. That is the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever read on HP.

  2. Jack Holmes says:

    Come on it’s made by Jack of course they love it!

    Americans Eat 554 Million Jack in the Box Tacos a Year, and No One Knows Why
    The fast-food chain’s gooey, deep-fried beef envelope has been on the menu since the 1950s, inspiring legions of fans; ‘vile and amazing’

    Updated Jan. 3, 2017 1:07 p.m. ET
    More than 1,000 times a minute, someone bites into what has been described as a wet envelope of cat food—and keeps eating.

    Jack in the Box is known to most of the country for its hamburgers and bigheaded mascot. But for many of its devotees, the magic of the fast-food chain lies in its interpretation of a taco.

    Jack in the Box Tacos
    Jack in the Box Tacos
    A tortilla wrapped around a beef filling that is dunked in a fryer and topped with American cheese, lettuce and hot sauce, the taco appeared on the menu in the 1950s after the first Jack in the Box opened in San Diego. As the chain spread beyond California, the taco has followed it —with good reason. Jack in the Box now sells more tacos than any other item on its menu thanks to a legion of fans who swear by the greasy vessels even as they sometimes struggle to understand their appeal.


  3. Jack Holmes says:

    What scientific term or concept ought to be more widely known?

    This year, the Edge.org Annual Question surveyed leading thinkers about the ideas that deserve more exposure beyond the world of science. A selection of answers.

    Published Dec. 28, 2016


    They blew it by not including FUCKERY.

    • Lizard says:

      I like this one. We on planet earth are like a piece of dust relative to the rest of the universe. Too bad we waste all our resources on war.

      Mario Livio on the Copernican Principle

      Knowing our place in the universe is a lesson in humility and curiosity

  4. Jack Holmes says:

    Yup FK fell asleep I can hear her snoring!

  5. Jack Holmes says:

    G-d bless these here United States Of Corporate America!

  6. Jack Holmes says:

    WATCH: Is Ryan Gosling’s Acceptance Speech Sexist?
    9 January 2017, 12:57

    A journalist has ridiculed Ryan Gosling’s heartfelt acceptance speech at the Golden Globes – do you think there is anything wrong with it?

    The La La Land star paid an emotional tribute to his wife Eva Mendes for supporting him.

    As he picked up the award for Best Actor, he said: “You don’t get to be up here without standing on the shoulders of a mountain of people and there’s just no time to thank everyone I just would like to try and thank one person properly.

    I’ll go first, I think the dope was being genuine no malice—always thank the wife if you know what’s good for you ‘( my ass is grass now)—intended. But I can see given the NEOLIB infestation of everything one can see how the very “My Woman” supports me so I can play speech seems hypocritical given that if Trump says something along the same lines about his wife said LIBS that swoon over Goslings’ shout out, would be calling Trump ( rightly so but still) a Neanderthal.

    The dismissive,” WE” can do shit but you better not try it attitude ( both the right and left) of the elections has infiltrated everything!

    • bebe says:

      I have looked him up Jack, google says Eva is his partner ?
      I have not seen any of his movies but know one this Eva is absolutely stunning, appeared in multiple commercials.

      Well one can not get away saying anything, but if you check Sofía Vergara she was classless and vulgar and not funny at all.

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