Hope And Change Revisited


Let’s begin with the GLARINGLY obvious. Donald J. Trump does not stand for HOPE, in fact he is the antithesis of the word. Surprisingly he personifies CHANGE perfectly. DJT will change the nation in unforeseen ways, he will be even MORE transformative than he already has been–does anyone really think that after 2016 we can go back to running elections like before? His brand of change is an affront to just about every tenet of a civilized society.

Hope  And Change was Barack Obama’s 2008, seriously people were not “FEELING” him as much as they were holding their noses in 2012, mantra, his call to arms. The sincerity of which scholars and fans will debate Ad nauseam for far longer than I care. The chant still has life but does it have power and relevance?

I say now more than ever, YES. This time we don’t have to assign the string of words to a “PERSONALITY”  a symbol of the  ‘better angels of our nature.’ We can take ownership; strip it from the fantasy that gave “us” Hyper-partisanship, cruelty and aggression.


Self-evident but confoundingly personal. Our individual hopes differ but our collective needs and desires are almost exact. We can hope for a better future, equality, safety both financial and personal. Hope is good and  we should remain hopeful but for any of the aforementioned things to happen we need change.


“Brother can you spare a dime?” Actually that’s  not the kind of CHANGE we need. And certainly not the dark change we will be pummeled with the next  four years from a Trump administration. Is it time to ask the leopard to change its spots?

The establishment on both sides of the political spectrum have shown their true nature and we MUST acknowledge it. To hide behind slogans that our elected officials approve to box you in and limit your thinking is unforgivable. We can’t ask them to change,  but we can vote them out and we can make the party more progressive. But there is still a hiccup; something that will derail any hope we have change, we MUST above it all, whether we remain Democrats of move on to the progressive side in political ideology, support the creation of a third-party or more. It will be the different voices that feel left out of the process that will bring the ideas and passion that will make everyone else want to change.

Hope and change—it has a sweet sound to it does it not? We can keep it as a relic of  a ” DREAM DEFERRED” or make it real.  If we don’t unite and given our times and our  partisanship; I guarantee you we’ll have one but not the other.

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207 Responses to Hope And Change Revisited

  1. fi says:

    It maybe just me, but I do think Trumpy has gone a bit OTT with his Inaug suit!

  2. bebe says:


  3. Tio Azúcar says:

    Nothing to see here—admin.

  4. Green4E says:

    ‘Mornin’, Realmsters!..CAAWFEEEE!!..I can’t watch….8-)

  5. Jack says:

    You can take away our freedoms, but you’ll never take away OUR CHEETOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tio Azúcar says:

    The CBC is reporting that Canadians, who were headed to DC to protest, are being turned back at the border. One guy, whom has dual citizenship, was retinal scanned and finger printed before being released.

    • MSolomon2 says:

      wouldn’t be remotely surprised the new murican regime is upon us, the neo-feudal corporate-fascism has fully arrived.

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