What “Is” Ours!

Sorry for huffing and puffington:

NOPE! Bernie should not head a new party…Have we learned nothing from the Neoliberal hero worship? Had he wanted that transformative change he would have done it immediately after the DNC fraud.
Look at his history of abuse with the Democrats and how no matter what he always deals with them, so it’s a moot point to fly the idea around because he won’t do it—Stockholm syndrome.

A true Third party needs to be a grounds-up endeavor with new leadership, that’s what we need to do first.

Thanks Bernie for making it ok for the masses to dissent but we got it from here on.

Sanders’ Campaign Staff, Delegates, And Volunteers Launch ‘Draft Bernie For A People’s Party’
We’ve seen what kind of world the establishment parties have to offer. It’s time for a new beginning.
02/09/2017 08:23 pm ET | Updated 1 day ago


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  1. fi says:

    Evening folks, Macaroni cheese for dinner tonight.

  2. Jack says:

    Still busy, grrrrr!

  3. Darth says:


    • Darth says:

      Somebody needs attention:
      “For three years in a row, Villa has worn an attention-getting outfit to the Grammy Awards:

      -For the 2015 Grammy Awards, she wore a see-through dress made entirely out of orange construction-fencing material, designed by Andre Soriano. The dress was called “unusual” and “a first.”

      -For the 2016 Grammy Awards, she wore a similarly see-through dress consisting mostly of fabric spikes. The Huffington Post named it as one of its “Most Outrageous Looks From The 2016 Grammys,” and E! noted it as “a show-stopper.”

      -At the 2017 Grammy Awards, Villa wore a blue dress promoting President Donald Trump, featuring his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” and the word “Trump”.

  4. bebe says:

    Separated at Birth ?

  5. MSolomon2 says:

    BREAKING – Leaked photo of a crowd of Klingons from the set of Star Trek Discovery

  6. MSolomon2 says:

    This may very well do the anime justice!

  7. Darth says:

    NBC: Michael Flynn resigns

  8. Jack says:


    I feel like a truck ran over me then back-up for seconds.

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