Happy Valentine’s Day: Love Exciting and New

“Love? A blip on the monitor of involuntary human response. A hiccup of emotion when compared with envy, hatred, lust. And just who was this Saint Valentine? A bishop, Roman, Third Century, got his head sliced off… ouch. For marrying lovers against his emperor’s decree. You see, Claudius The Second believed that men made better warriors unmarried. Power comes with the absence of love. Love…drains us of our strength. We never learn, do we? And you say that love conquers all. Well not for you, Saint Valentine. Not for me. Not for any of the… heartbroken.”~Lucien LaCroix

Yes, today I will meme you all so if you want to whine and start a hate fest over it tough luck 😛  ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Fancy Jack says:

    Look at what’s happening in Sweden, SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!

  2. Darth says:


  3. Darth says:

    Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan http://en.hitachikaihin.jp/

  4. Fancy Jack says:

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