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Well, that was not politically correct…just the same have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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402 Responses to HAPPY LEPRECHAUN DAY!!!!

  1. Darth says:

    Najac, France
    “Najac is a picturesque village set along a ridge above a bend in the Aveyron River. In the earlier part of the last century the village had around 2000 people but it suffered marked population decline as workers migrated to towns and cities.”

    The village economy, once famous for ham, is based largely on tourism and agriculture. Most land in the commune is still used for farming and there are a significant number of long-term inhabitants. During the summer, the population increases significantly due to second home owners and holiday-makers. Most holiday home owners are British, Canadian, Dutch or from the north of France.”

    Interesting story:
    “The king of France had a claim on the county of Toulouse [-] so he invaded it. Najac was a major town at the time and the castle was one of the hardest to attack. It was the last standing and the siege promised to be very long. The king could not bother to wait that long.

    So he declared the creation of Villefranche de Rouergue 10km from there. “Villefranche” meant it was a city free of royal taxes. By the end of the year, half of Najac had moved to live in Villefranche.

    Nowadays, Najac is an irrelevant village with an enormous castle and church. And Villefranche de Rouergue is the local urban center.”

    “Now you know that tax breaks can win wars.”

    “Well.. you’ll never see THAT in Game of Thrones”

    • Darth says:

      The fortress in the background is built on the bones of an earlier castle after the defeat of Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse. Story checks out:
      “in 1225, the council of Bourges excommunicated him and launched a crusade against him, the king of France, Louis VIII, called the Lion, wanting to renew the conflict in order to enforce his royal rights in Languedoc. Roger-Bernard tried to keep the peace, but the king rejected his embassy and the counts of Foix and Toulouse took up arms again. The war was largely a discontinuous series of skirmishes and, in January 1229, Raymond, defeated, was forced to sign the Treaty of Paris.”

    • bebe says:

      Beautiful…old contries have these sot of city landscaping.

      • Darth says:

        Out in the countryside there are lots of old medieval villages like this. Not all of them have a castle of course, or get a lot of tourists either, but many have a very old church in the center and the rest of the village radiates out like spokes on a wheel. I always found that fascinating.

        • bebe says:

          I have only been to cities, Spain Madrid reminded me of that also Florence.

          • Darth says:

            I’ve never been to Spain, it’s on the bucket list. I’ll bet Florence is beautiful. Rome too. So much world out there, so little time. Next time I get enough saved up to travel I want to see the cherry blossoms in Japan.

            • bebe says:

              Gone to Florence twist in some years interval, it remained the same. Somehow I failed to see David, that means I need to go again. But times are different now. In Madrid a few times, then in Barcelona in choo choo…I almost got robbed and the outcome could have been disastrous.

    • Fancy Jack says:

      “Now you know that tax breaks can win wars.”

      You mean like Lockheed Martin?

      That is almost a perfect picture except for the fucking blue car…when looking for other photos and sure enough on the best to be found it’s there.

      • Darth says:

        Nobles didn’t pay taxes in Feudal Europe, the peasantry did. Nobility were granted land and titles to squeeze everyone else to pay taxes for them. Any of this sounding familiar?

        • MSolomon2 says:

          people wonder why I always call it a neo-feudal corporate-fascism… The 150-200 ultra-rich who own our politics sound a helluva lot like modern version of the “nobles” to me! – and now they have the heresy of “prosperity-gospel” to give them a new veneer of the “divine” right of kings.

    • MSolomon2 says:

      Beautiful! Oh to live in such a place!

  2. Darth says:

    He had swag at 3.

    “Earliest known photo of Elvis Presley, with parents Gladys & Vernon in 1938”

  3. Darth says:


    Most Teens Who Abuse Opioids 1st Got Them from a Doctor http://www.livescience.com/58325-teens-who-abuse-opioids-start-with-prescription.html#sthash.rFsf7Pim.uxfs
    “Most American teenagers who abuse opioid drugs first received the drugs from a doctor, a new study finds.

    Researchers looked at trends in the use of prescription opioids among U.S. adolescents from 1976 to 2015. They found a strong correlation between teens’ taking the drugs for medical reasons and then later taking them for “nonmedical” reasons, or in other words, abusing them, according to the study published today (March 20) in the journal Pediatrics.

    “One consistent finding we observed over the past two decades is that the majority of nonmedical users of prescription opioids also have a history of medical use of prescription opioids,” said study author Sean McCabe, a research professor at the University of Michigan.”

    • Fancy Jack says:

      But, but, but Beauregard says POT is the problem!

    • Fancy Jack says:

      From what I have seen on the field, young adults ( taking into account addiction susceptibility among individuals) get hooked on medications like Adderall then seek other drugs.

      • Darth says:

        Adderall wasn’t a thing when I was in my ‘investigative phase’, thankfully. (It was in the name of science, you understand!) Maybe some of that can also be attributed to curiosity and experimentation, but the thing with opiates is they are just so damned addictive. I mean, some people can probably be fine, obviously, but it’s a dice roll whether you end up like pookie from New Jack city.

        • Fancy Jack says:

          I think Adderall minus add would maybe ramp a person up, keep them awake all night but I don’t know what it would do for increased concentration.

      • MSolomon2 says:

        big pharma knows ya gotta get um young! – pump um full of those “add” drugs!

  4. Darth says:

    Buddha’s going to need some luck.

    Ancient, near-pristine Buddha to make Kabul museum debut https://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com/2017/03/ancient-near-pristine-buddha-to-make.html#CwO5kZXROpDHQ107.97
    “Having withstood time, the elements, looters and war, a spectacular Buddha restored and removed from one of Afghanistan’s most dangerous regions is to make its public debut in the country’s national museum.”

    “The statue, which depicts the sage in a purple shroud offering his hands to the heavens, had been hidden beneath layers of soil and silt since some time between the third and fifth centuries, according to the archeologists who discovered it.

    The exceptionally well-preserved piece, with its colours still vibrant, was found in 2012 at the Mes Aynak site about 40 kilometres (25 miles) southeast of Kabul, in the now Taliban-infested Logar province.

    Its discovery was made possible after a Chinese consortium began digging a massive copper mine that uncovered an ancient monastery complex stretching out over an area of four square kilometres (1,000 acres)”

  5. Darth says:

    long read, but worth it.

    The True Story of the Ides of March http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2017/03/ides-march-really-went/
    “In William Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar,” Caesar mocks the soothsayer’s earlier prediction to “Beware the Ides of March.” Later, Caesar says, “The Ides of March have come” to point out the supposed dreaded day did not bring disaster. The soothsayer responds with a prophetic point, “Ay, Caesar; but not gone.” Shortly thereafter, Caesar is stabbed many times over by conspirators in the Senate, including by his good friend Marcus Brutus. As he lies dying, Caesar mumbles those infamous last words, “Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar!”

    What often gets lost in popular history is that this is just a play, not an actual accurate portrayal of the assassination of Julius Caesar. Like any modern day movie, this was Shakespeare taking literary and creative license with a real event. Caesar’s last dying breath was not “Et tu, Brute?…”, as even some before Shakespeare had claimed. However, it is accurate that Caesar was murdered on the “Ides of March,” which is March 15th on today’s calendar. Here’s the real story of what happened on that historic day and why it’s called the “Ides of March” in the first place.”

  6. Fancy Jack says:


  7. Fancy Jack says:

    No one saw that coming…really?

    “Professor Henry Bedson of Birmingham, England., was a researcher working on what seemed to be a smallpox virus, an organism thought to be already eradicated at the time. He subjected the virus into centrifuging, a process which is common, but risky. If one of the bottles in the centrifuge breaks, it could spread the virus inside the room and infect those inside it. Bedson and his colleagues were not very worried because their vaccine was up-to-date. But one of the bottles did break, causing the virus to escape, looking for a host as it traveled through one of lab’s vents. And one of the vents led up to an office where a medical photographer, Janet Parker, was working late, who, by then, was already breathing in the pathogen. Weeks went by with Janet not knowing she had already contracted the disease. Eventually, she developed a high fever and symptoms of the disease started to show. She eventually died from her infection. The source of the virus was traced to Bedon’s laboratory. The incident was widely covered by the media which led Bedson to take his own life.”

    Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/unexpected-and-sudden-deaths-by-unusual-causes-gallery/15/

  8. Fancy Jack says:

    Bernie is a mess.

    First he was an Independent
    Then he was a Democratic Socialist
    Then he joined the Neolibs because Trump
    Then he decided to take over the party by loading it with “Democrat Progressives”
    Now he is back to fighting the Democrats as an Independent

    In all of this I did not see him lift a finger to HELP Independent Progressives—Seems he’ll never get over the crush he has on the Democrats, soon he’ll start sending them dick pics.

    • Darth says:

      Here, you can put it up right next to the Justin Beebs poster.

      How is he fighting with Democrats?

        • Darth says:

          “Bernie Sanders Says Trump Won Because Democrats Are Out Of Touch”

          “Bernie Sanders slams Democrats for lacking ‘guts’ to fight Big Pharma”

          Sounds true to me.

          • Fancy Jack says:

            No doubt! but that shit was true when he was telling people to vote for Hillary. He barely inched her and the party to the left…

            • Darth says:

              And they lost because of it. He’s trying to change that. It’s not going to happen but he’s trying. I can’t fault him for it. When he speaks it’s not hard to tell that he honestly gives shit about people and not just his own ambition. Who else can you say that about right now?

              • Fancy Jack says:

                I question everything… and while just what you mention is what got me on board on the “REVOLUTION”, how I always hated that motif, I’m looking at how things have played out; his amorous/scorn routine reminds me of a Katy Perry song. Is he an independent or a damn Democrat party fanboy?

                Besides, if he still supports the very system that emasculated him in 2016 with their “SUPER DELEGATES”, “CLOSED PRIMARIES”, “THE MEDIA USED AS PROPAGANDA”, “SCHEDULE THE LEAST DEBATES POSSIBLES”….come one help a jackhole out, name some of the one you know…so if this is the case I might as well vote for the greater Neolib in 2020, HRC.

                Of course this is what I feel as someone who does not support political parties anymore. I’ll vote for the best candidate, based on the issues and what matters to me.

                I do wish he would become a true independent progressive and devote his effort in creating a true third party.

                • Darth says:

                  You’re supposed to question everything. Look, didn’t you tell me you wanted to vote green locally but the candidate was some moonbat or something? That’s the reality we’re faced with here. It just is. And he has endorsed independent progressives

                  Though it’s true he’s fundraised for more progressive Dems too. Most didn’t win.

                  But I just can’t blame him because he didn’t usher in the revolution. That’s pie in the sky stuff IMO. He ran as a democrat for obvious reasons, that was his best shot. They took it from him. And yes, he stuck around, endorsed what he was running against, but expecting him not to was irrational. That’s not what he does. He’s not a scorched earth politician.

                  he’s always been doing this. It’s been love/hate with Democrats for him going way back. That’s why the establishment hates him. I had to dig this up. It’s an obvious hit piece but worth a read I think.

                • Fancy Jack says:

                  Ahem, look up almost a year ago I posted the “Finding the progressives” ( https://jackholesrealm.wordpress.com/finding-the-progressives/ ) page that pretty much was what the Bern man did post primaries , search for progressives challengers to fill in gaps.
                  Yes, I advocated for re-taking the party; since then I have seen across all media and 3D that the body of voters that STILL call themselves Democrats, I’m not talking about ex-HPer bubbles, are batshit crazy…ok not crazy just no ready to challenge the party let alone shed the party.

                  Good point about Bernie not ushering the revolution because he did not and it was an existing growing awareness waiting for “A BERNIE” the rest you know.

                  ” but expecting him not to was irrational. That’s not what he does. He’s not a scorched earth politician.” He sold himself as one and that’s why opinions vary so much among Independents. I knew he dealt ( forced to )with the Democrats before and got BURNED so his rhetoric did imply he would scorch something and for many that meant continuing on as an independent. We can present constructs about how well or not he would have done but that’s a moot point. So for now, like I have been some time, I thank him for what he did, probably will hold my nose locally and support a “PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT,” the distinction between a Progressive and a Progressive Democrat is simple, you can’t be tethered to the party that YOU’LL never change and be a true progressive and hope that people wake up and see that there has not been the impetus we have today to create a third party before, let’s do it.

          • MSolomon2 says:


  9. Fancy Jack says:

    For my next trick!

  10. fi says:

    Hi folks, wassup?

  11. Darth says:

    “In fluid dynamics, laminar flow (or streamline flow) occurs when a fluid flows in parallel layers, with no disruption between the layers.”

    Also known as, Sorcery!

  12. Fancy Jack says:

    I got the non-fake news journals!


    “The recent budget proposal by the Trump administration will increase the pace of marijuana’s legalization in the United States. By proposing drastic cuts in federal programs, the Trump budget—whether enacted, ignored or modified by Congress—highlights the need for state governments throughout the nation to develop and seek new sources of revenue.”



    Wages War on Legal Marijuana


  13. fi says:

    Is it not kinda serious when the FBI is investigating the POTUS staff?

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