Kill Bill. . .The Republican Bill



I’ll  keep this post short and as rant free as possible. I don’t benefit or like the Affordable Care Act but for those that rely on it;  it’s a lifeline that has its merit, I don’t want to eliminate it but expand it. Perhaps my main point of contention, besides the mandate, has been the populace–specifically the way Democrat voters herald it as a monumental victory, rather than call it the band-aid compromise that it was. People failed to hold the Obama administration responsible and failed to push for an universal insurance option.

ACA was supposed to be the first step, now it is being threatened, the Republicans  want to eliminate every safety net available to the people as if mandated by some grand corporate master. The question becomes will the people allow it to be killed by the Republicans or send the message that not only must it be protected but expanded?

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  1. Fancy Jack says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m Norm Macdonald.

  2. Fancy Jack says:

    “A new bill has passed the NC House that would allow North Carolina drivers to drive through protesters who are blocking the road without being sued, as long as they “exercise due care.”

    The North Carolina House passed HB 330 with a 67-48 vote.”

    In other words run over them hippies for free.

  3. Fancy Jack says:

    I wish TGDT would remember his twitter password. He has something to say to a columnist.

  4. Fancy Jack says:

    NASA‏Verified account @NASA

    Have you seen @NASAHubble’s new Frontier Field pic? Several 100 galaxies tied together by the mutual pull of gravity

    • Darth says:

      “The massive gravitational field of the foreground cluster produces this phenomenon. The collective gravity of all the stars and other matter trapped inside the cluster warps space and affects light traveling through the cluster, toward Earth.”

  5. Darth says:

    Stephen Hawking says humans must colonize another planet in 100 years or face extinction
    “In a new BBC documentary called “Stephen Hawking: Expedition New Earth” set to air later this year, the professor will “present his predictions that the human race only has 100 years before we need to colonize another planet,” a press release from earlier this week said.

    “With climate change, overdue asteroid strikes, epidemics and population growth, our own planet is increasingly precarious.”

    Previously, Hawking theorized that humanity probably has around 1,000 years left before it becomes extinct. His timeline appears now to have shortened.”

  6. Fancy Jack says:

    • Darth says:

      Nice reversal. I was an FDR Democrat. I’m an Independent now because I feel that Democrats no longer represent my interests. I’ve noticed that party loyalists now use the Alt-Left moniker to describe people like me. As if there’s something ‘alternative’ and ‘new’ about my beliefs. I believe that bankers who commit global fraud should be charged accordingly and politicians shouldn’t take their money. It’s not that complicated. It seems to me that people who think that’s okay are the new ‘alternative’ left.

      • Fancy Jack says:

        I don’t know if “Alt-Left ” has been defined officially. I have probably used it a handful of times since the Alt-right became a reality; but I have always used it as a mirror image to highlight the extremism on the left.

        I think that ‘TRUE HOLD YOUR NOSE” voters, FDR Democrat, sane centrists, did not break away drastically from their beliefs, it was all about keeping Trump out of the WH then deal with Dem radicals.

        ” I believe that bankers who commit global fraud should be charged accordingly and politicians shouldn’t take their money.” this is exactly what I feel the ALT-LEFT is against ( true Neoliberals) I know people that left the realm because it was too critical of the Obama admin and Clinton, being loyal to the party and identity politics is all they could condone; that’s low info, that’s ALT-LEFT.

        Ok, now that the chatter @ my place is done I can get ZZZ.

  7. Fancy Jack says:

    Ok youse, early wake-up call, nite!

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  9. Fancy Jack says:

    Fiona…you’re late!

  10. Fancy Jack says:

    That POMCHI, such a lazy bones sleeping in all day.

  11. Fancy Jack says:

    I smell coffee BRB!

  12. Fancy Jack says:

    I’m being rushed, sorry wanted to post an election day page.

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