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First let me say Greg Gianforte needs to be jailed. So! the media, the media, the media–if you paid attention to the 2016 elections you know that the fake news phenomenon was not only a product of social media, small blogs or “THE RUSSIANS” just about every major news outlet took part in it ( of course they say they were reporting on what was happening, just like a murderer might say ‘I only kill my victims just a little’) and everyone claims to be the victim–ok I’ll play along but what about the Bernie Sanders Blackout? it was only at the death throes of his campaign that the media gave notice, ONLY because he would endorse their candidate.

Since the election, collectively, the media has been doing a transparent “PR job” to whitewash their actions during the elections, so now they have a hard on for all things Russia, all things Trump any thing that comes their way that will deflect that in 2016, journalistic integrity was flushed down the toilet.

Greg Gianforte’s unwarranted choke-slam assault of reporter Ben Jacobs needs justice, journalists should not be stopped from doing their jobs and certainly not to be viciously attacked, BUT! When COLLECTIVELY the media uses this event to justify their lack of integrity they ALL deserve to be body slammed.

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  1. fi says:

    Happy 100th birthday JFK!

  2. MSolomon2 says:

    Buckle up for the latest trailer for Syfy’s Blood Drive
    looks like wildly campy fun, or total-CRAP!

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