Who Let the Do…Ah, C’mon! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Guys!


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180 Responses to Who Let the Do…Ah, C’mon! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Guys!

  1. Jack Wayne says:

    Great now they are blaming Dexter Morgan? —IF it’s a ‘Serial Killer” I suggest they look for HER/him in the woods. Whaa?!

    “A serial killer is likely behind the murder of North Carolina Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, according to forensic-psychology students and instructors, who spent three months investigating the homicide. Those researchers, who volunteer at the Profiling Project, an independent group, published their findings on Tuesday in an 83-page report.”

  2. Darth says:

    Republican Karen Handel Defeats Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia Special Election http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/elections/georgia-election-results-ossoff-handel-n774936

    • Jack Wayne says:

      I was hoping that given his age he would be a worthwhile candidate but then I saw this:

      “Political positions
      According to The New Yorker, Ossoff has “progressive positions on women’s issues and health care” and “moderate stances on jobs and security.”[30] According to Matthew Yglesias of Vox, Ossoff has run an” Obama-style campaign”, and has placed himself in the middle between the progressive grassroots of the Democratic Party and the more conservative and moderate Blue Dog Southern Democrats.[31] According to the New York Times, Ossoff’s campaign has distanced itself from the national Democratic Party.[32] According to the Washington Post, the Ossoff campaign opted not to turn the special election into a referendum on Trump’s alleged scandals, but to focus on “policy decisions by the president and congressional Republicans.”[33]”


      Perfect example as to why I despise Democrats. I keep hoping that the party indeed gets taken over by PROGRESSIVES but if a Blue Dog ( coopting the progressive banner) is the best THEY can deliver, then I still maintain a viable 3rd party is the option.

      • Darth says:

        Of course! Why else would the DCCC & DNC throw so much money at him while they left more progressive candidates in other states to fend for themselves? It’s also Georgia. Newt’s old district I believe. That being said, being an Independent doesn’t make me an anti-Democrat, I’ll weigh my options. But I wanted to see Republicans lose. They need to lose. a lot.

        • Jack Wayne says:

          I keep hoping, as I said, that True Progressive Democrats ( probably an oxymoron in contemporary politics) take over but the party leadership, as you point out, rejects progressives—they are training their NEW “Pelosi’s” they won’t let Neolibealism die.

          Exhibit A:

          I want to see Repunks go down but 2018 is going to be a Dem Abattoir.

  3. Jack Wayne says:

    I’m making this…okay maybe I’ll use pork…but I’m still making it!


  4. Jack Wayne says:

    Contemporary politics:

    “Pepsi contains slightly more sugar, calories and caffeine while Coke has marginally more sodium.

    That being said, Coke tends to have the upper hand when it comes to popularity but this is more to do with branding than taste.”

    That right there is the duopoly–brought to you by the corporate masters.


  5. fi says:

    Morning 🙂

    • Jack Wayne says:

      I’d eat it just based on the name. Say Jack, what did you eat today? “I’m glad you asked, I had the most delicious Kuku Paka!” That’s what I would say.

  6. Bat 4E says:

    ‘Mornin’, Realmsters!..CAWFEFE!!..Happy Hump Day!..Fancy’s in the bottle–Hooray!..Still working on the pergola–around the weather and chores..Have to make another lumber run after brekkie..Why IH8WIN10: 30-minute update this AM!–and I don’t want any of their apps..sigh..Cuppa-cuppa!….8-)

    • Jack Wayne says:

      Damn I don’t recall switching to the bottled Fancy wallpaper, I need a cup of coffee. We need pix of the Bob Vila project. HA! Windows!

  7. Jack Wayne says:

    Today is gonna be one of the days.

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