All You Need Is Love/ Gay Pride/ Eid al-Fitr Mubarak!


Such a simple, intrinsic message that today, 50 years later after the iconic Beatles song was released, is in short supply—how did we get to this point?

Well,  the LGTB community knows about love and PRIDE congratulations as they celebrate LOVE.

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and it’s a time to celebrate, be happy and charitable, you bet love is part of the equation

Three distinct and entirely different traditions happening in one day but all you have to do is pay attention to the message. . . . it’s all about LOVE.

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99 Responses to All You Need Is Love/ Gay Pride/ Eid al-Fitr Mubarak!

  1. Bat 4E says:

    Bob Vila has left the building….8-)

    • Jack Wayne says:

      Can’t blame BOB he knows when there’s trouble in the air. Even in the tri-state there were tornados, I think Jersey got hit.

    • Darth says:

      What did Bob do now?

      • Bat 4E says:

        Hey Darth..Every project I do, Jack calls Bob Vila..The pergola is done (except waiting for shade cloth to arrive) so Bob packed up his tools and took off before the next storm came racing thru here..Now, if he’d just come back for the clean-up portion… ….8-)

  2. Jack Wayne says:

    Damn, I made a meme and by the time I was done it looked horrible and made no sense.

  3. Darth says:

    It’s only a matter of time before we get this in ‘Merica. The ratings will be yuuge.

  4. Darth says:


  5. Jack Wayne says:

    Yo Darth, I’ll email you something that will be short on info; I’m sure it will annoy you as you may find interesting. Look of it around midday.

  6. Darth says:


    “Toilet paper company Charmin has been rolling an on-demand mobile bathroom called Charmin Van-GO around Manhattan as part of a two-day pilot program”

  7. fi says:

    Top ‘o the morning everyone. xx

  8. Bat 4E says:

    $185 paper clip from Prada….8-)

    • Jack Wayne says:

      Wha a great deal—said the DNC as they waste more of the donation money they got in 2016.

    • MSolomon2 says:

      and THIS is why come the glorious People’s REVOLUTION the neo-feudals will be doing the only “job creation” they’ve ever done, make good work for bricklayers as there will be alotta masonry needing repairs from the bullet-holes

  9. Bat 4E says:

    ‘Mornin’, Realmsters!..CAWFEFE!!..Happy Monday!..Was reading some “car hacks” and this was one:

    DIY washer fluid

    “Washer fluid is very easy to make if you need some in a pinch – especially during the hot dry and dusty summer months. All you need to do is mix three cups of grain alcohol and four cups of water together, adding a miniscule two teaspoons of dishwashing detergent. Put it in an empty bottle to keep in case you have find yourself without the fluid in an emergency.”

    You could just buy a jug of washer fluid as safety stock….8-)

  10. Bat 4E says:

    Well, it’s after nine and Bob didn’t show up, so I guess I’ll have to plan and execute the clean-up myself..Cuppa-cuppa!….8-)

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