American HATE on Display


Virginia could very well the beginning of a “massive super volcano of hate” explosion. I support fighting the troglodytes on the streets if need be, allowing them to mainstream  their HATE as freedom of speech; UNCHALLENGED is giving-up. Having said that, people MUST face the sequence of events that has led us down the path disgrace, derision on the global stage  that began at the apex political hyper-parisanship.

During the Primaries, Trump said:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” …They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

The very moment he said these words he should have been disqualified or CHALLENGED beyond the fake outrage expressed on the evening news.  The left was maniacal in their “We’re going to win” rhetoric that it though it was more important to defeat ALL challengers, by any means, to the elite establishment chosen one.

Trump did not get to the White House on the bigots vote alone—our collective failures gave him a boost.

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  1. MSolomon2 says:

    FCC giving special help to right-wing TV news company, Democrats allege
    Pai is helping Sinclair expand its reach into TV-owning homes, lawmakers say.

    this is to be expected! Faux-noise just isn’t far-reich enuff these days, they need a deeper level of pure-evil to move propaganda forward into the alt-reich future!

  2. x27 says:

    How much worse can things get with Trump,America will survive him.Progressives have to work harder and make sure this shit can`t happen again.Word

  3. MSolomon2 says:

    What murica needz! /em dreamy-sigh

  4. MSolomon2 says:

    I need to build me a new computer, current is so old, so outdated, sigh. Want this case they showed at recent tech show soooo bad, but they still haven’t got it out there yet!

  5. Darth says:

    Seems cut & dried to me. It’s a Public forum now, First amendment.

    Trump can block people on Twitter if he wants, administration says
    “The administration of President Donald Trump is scoffing at a federal lawsuit by Twitter users who claim that their constitutional rights are being violated because the president has blocked them from his @realDonaldTrump Twitter handle.

    “It would send the First Amendment deep into uncharted waters to hold that a president’s choices about whom to follow, and whom to block, on Twitter—a privately run website that, as a central feature of its social-media platform, enables all users to block particular individuals from viewing posts—violate the Constitution.” That’s part of what Michael Baer, a Justice Department attorney, wrote to the New York federal judge overseeing the lawsuit Friday.

    In addition, the Justice Department said the courts are powerless to tell Trump how he can manage his private Twitter handle, which has 35.8 million followers.”

    “The lawsuit, filed last month, claims Trump’s Twitter feed is a public forum and an official voice of the president. Excluding people from reading or replying to his tweets—especially because they tweeted critical comments—amounts to a First Amendment breach, according to the lawsuit. The suit demands that Trump unblock people he has blocked on Twitter, and it seeks a preliminary injunction to stop him from blocking people.”

    • Jack Cassidy says:

      Too many loopholes, they won’t get him on this.

      “So, are President Trump’s tweets a public forum? If so, does that place limits on when President Trump can block users from replying?

      I believe the answers are “yes” and “yes.” Because President Trump uses @realDonaldTrump for official business, and because President Trump allows (arguably, invites) replies on his tweets, he has made his Twitter timeline into a limited public forum. As such, the First Amendment applies. He can potentially impose content restrictions, but he can’t impose viewpoint restrictions.”

      • Darth says:

        Yes, agree. He is no longer a private citizen, if he’s going to use twitter as a mass communication tool then that space become a public forum, and I don’t see how blocking people from it is constitutional. But hey, it’s going to be whatever the high court decides it is anyway.

        • Jack Cassidy says:

          As the article points out SOB POS has in fact conduced policy using twitter!

          In the end the “TROLLING” argument is strong, he can claim the media is being “very, very unfair to me.”

  6. Darth says:

    We don’t deserve elephants

  7. Darth says:


    Figures From Hieronymus Bosch’s Paintings Recreated as Sculptural Piñatas

    • Jack Cassidy says:

      Recognize them as soon as I saw it. Those are Damn good. A Word of caution tho’, never give an art book of Bosch’s work to a six-year-old. I swear to G-d I did not sleep that year.

  8. x27 says:

    My keyboard is screwing up again,why do the question marks always show up like this..É

  9. Jack Cassidy says:

    If I ever return to Kauai I want to check this out. One has to be very careful on that Island though, because shores tend to be rough.

  10. fi says:

    Morning guys.

  11. Classical Gas says:

  12. Classical Gas says:

    • bebe says:

      Oh good morning lovely CG…love love this song by him wonderful to listen first thing in the morning ❤

  13. Jack Cassidy says:

    Twitter Blasts Ex-Google Employee Who Says Being Conservative Is Like Being Gay In The ’50s
    Cavan Sieczkowski

    “Ex-Google employee James Damore made quite a disturbing false equivalency when he compared being a conservative at the tech company to being gay in the 1950s.

    The engineer was fired from his job at Google after releasing a sexist, anti-diversity internal memo titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” calling out gender and politics in the company, writing, “Google’s left bias has created a politically correct monoculture.” He claimed that diversity efforts, like trying to hire more female employees, have led to a discriminatory environment. ”

    Like anything PC can be taken to the extreme and it is a certainty that in certain work situations a “BUBLE” develops; employees should keep in mind that efforts to promote a diverse work environment does not equal being overlooked for a promotion or denied a certain week off.

  14. Jack Cassidy says:

    NOPE! Lock his ass-up now. I bet he gets a slap on the wrist.

    “Anthony Weiner is asking a Manhattan federal judge to delay the sentencing date in the case against him for texting a minor sexually inappropriate messages.

    In a letter to Manhattan federal Judge Denise Cote, the disgraced former congressman requested that his Sept. 8 sentencing date be pushed back to Oct. 6 to give his attorneys more time to prepare a sentencing recommendation for the judge “that best addresses the need for continuing treatment,” his lawyer, Arlo Devlin-Brown, wrote.”

  15. cobaltbluedog says:

    BANNON IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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