I Showed Dems!


“Any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one already.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience

Enough of…







…and most important, ENOUGH shifting the Democratic party to the extreme NEOLIBERAL side of the political spectrum.

I still feel connected to something greater than me on election day, funny considering that my vote on paper is null, for me the event is more than casting a vote for the loudest panderer or blindly clinging to party affiliation, it is about continuity that began with the Great American experiment.

I refuse to be jaded, compromised to the point that following the HERD is the only thing of value in my ( political) life. We need to re-engage with that spark that propelled us towards hope, not nihilistic pseudo “PRAGMATISM” not one single candidate or party is unexpendable, we need to get back to working together. The banners or spaces we asign superiority are not important our resolve is, our ideals are; it is in these things that led to transformative ideas.

Dems you messed up, you let the genie out of the bottle, the question becomes can you put it pack in?

In the meantime, I’ll be working on starting anew.

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815 Responses to I Showed Dems!

  1. fi says:

    Scotland this morning, fecking cold!

  2. fluffjo says:

    A very happy Thanksgiving to Jack and all my old Realmster friends! Thinking of you all ❤

  3. Jack Putain says:

    Somewhere in America TÍO be like:

  4. Jack Putain says:

    I like this place:

    Japan’s Horinouchi House makes 600 square feet seem like a bona fide mansion
    By Rick Stella — Posted on August 7, 2016 11:00 am


  5. Jack Putain says:

    The sea darkens;
    the voices of the wild ducks
    are faintly white.

    —Matsuo Basho.

  6. bebe says:

    Afternoon Lunch today…Large Shrimp malai curry, it was yummy good 😉

    • Jack Putain says:

      Oh, man that is a good TGD lunch, yom!

      • bebe says:

        It is delicacy in Bengal with plain rice, preferably basmati.
        First time prepared this way and it was so good steamed with mustard and so on..

        My poor baby Pomchi, so neglected because Cleo queen and Simba king are here.
        She is exhausted and wants to go to bed so nite nite

    • MSolomon2 says:

      damn that looks good!

      • bebe says:

        If you want I’ll give you the recipe, actually I should write it down first before I forget

        • MSolomon2 says:

          You made it without a recipe! Wow, I do everything with recipes. I have bad luck without. Either it turns out great and then can’t duplicate it or it turns out crap to begin with. So i’m religious about having recipes.

          • bebe says:

            No it was from my sis in law long distance over the telephone. So I followed down after jotted it down. I have guests now but soon I will write it down. It is hot and spicy but a delicacy with rice. If you want it let me know.

            • MSolomon2 says:

              I would probably need to adjust the hot/spicy a bit, I don’t have a high tolerance, but would definitely luv to have a look!

            • Classical Gas says:

              I would love the recipe, sweet bebe – it looks absolutely delicious!!!

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