Today Is 1-1-18

“Nothing changes on New Year’s day” ~U2

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  1. Meezer 4 EEEE says:

  2. Meezer 4 EEEE says:

    ‘Mornin’, Realmsters!..CAWFEFE!!..Happy Caturday!…


    • bebe says:

      I need one…soooo cold and loog driveway covered. This company is going to charge 80$ each time then clean up . That`s why I am sticking with Jesi for 100 $ and last time she did not vacuum I think. 4000 sqft living area and in 10 mins she is done. I need to have a word with her, hubby is furious…..with me for putting up with this nonsense….

    • Jack Angus says:

      Yo 4EEEE!!!! Hopefully, cafefe will be good today, with this flu I might as well been drinking Maxwell house.

  3. bebe says:

    Great thriller, will take your mind of lying cheating racist trump..saw 20 mins of it.
    Oh wait there is an awesome looking black man unlike ugly face trump and bannon and loong neck Ivanka

  4. fi says:

    Cowardy, cowardy Trump won’t come to the UK, he’s feart!

  5. bebe says:

    Hey….snow shoveling man has arrived , the truck with shovel…80.00 $ / cleaning.
    Plus going to make a path for my baby Pomchi on the grass. This morning so cold on the snow/I’ve Pom could not even step in on the ground .

  6. Jack Angus says:

    That’s it, Chelsey Manning,​ you lost my support.

    Chelsea Manning, the former US army private who was imprisoned for passing information to WikiLeaks, has filed to run for a seat in the US Senate.

    A federal election filing, made on Thursday, confirmed Manning’s intention to run in the November elections as a Democrat.

  7. MSolomon2 says:

    This is brilliant! Bruce Lee was so amazing, so deep and thoughtful, so much potential that didn’t have the time to be realized…

    Bruce Lee’s Never-Before-Seen Writings on Willpower, Emotion, Reason, Memory, Imagination, and Confidence

    • Jack Angus says:

      The guy could not get into a real world fight without killing someone, mainly because he would be challengers would want it to death.

      • MSolomon2 says:

        I believe he would have wiped the floor with these people today, he was the real-deal did do real street-fighting in his earlier days and in his own style he boiled down fighting into it’s pure form removing the over stylized crap that had accumulated over centuries.

    • Meezer 4 EEEE says:

      This is awesome: “Inwardly, psychologically, be a nobody”….8-)

      • MSolomon2 says:

        He really was very smart, and very deep, a student of philosophy no less so… People just remember the rockin build and movie-star handsome face and miss the depths of the man.

  8. MSolomon2 says:

    Walking Dead Will Return for Season 9 with a new showrunner!

  9. MSolomon2 says:

    Stephen Hawking is really, really nervous about our future

    • Jack Angus says:

      I used to resist the idea but people have proven to be too far gone to expect them to do anything right.

      • MSolomon2 says:

        Basic thing that People need to always remember is people aren’t rational. Every time someone like him makes these perfectly sensible and realistic statements some idiots will come along and say no-no, People will do the rational thing and it’ll be alright – where do they get that batshit-crazy idea!?! Have they maybe opened their eyes and looked at this “society” (or world)? There’s very little sane and rational going on here. Very much the opposite. I’m watching a Netflix documentary right now, all the evil that’s been going on for years in this society, and it was all right there to be seen. And it continues, and things continue down the dark, dark path.
        Robert Reich Saving Capitalism

    • Meezer 4 EEEE says:

      600 years seems a little generous, doncha think?….8-)

      • MSolomon2 says:

        I do!, I think he’s being a typical scientist and being wildly overly conservative in his estimates.

  10. Jack Angus says:


  11. Jack Angus says:

    Saw Wave’s AV on an old thread and her tag line reminded me of this.

    • Meezer 4 EEEE says:

      Baby races in the oval office..Expecting DOTARD to tweet-deny..’Mornin’, sweetie.. ❤ ❤ & S!….8-)

      • bebe says:

        Absolutely, that man on your right looks just like Wolf .4 EEEEEEEEEEEEEE ❤ ❤
        Debating if I should go Tai Chi or not, perhaps not , driveway is all cleaned up but still…
        Pomchi is waking up at 5 or earlier because smells daddy home having breakfast…so I decided to vacuum and mop the kitchen floor .

    • MSolomon2 says:

      Oprah, she’s “inevitable”. (and I’ll get to re-use last campaigns video!)

    • Meezer 4 EEEE says:

      When’s Amy’s book coming out??….8-)

    • Jack Angus says:

      Complete bunk, I’m glad I did not read past, “We wouldn’t be here — black gowns at the Golden Globes, sexual assault victims invited to the State of the Union address, a nationwide, woman-led voter registration drive timed to the anniversary of the Women’s March — without Mrs. Clinton’s defeat.” the idiocy to credit Clinton with the brave efforts of the women that challenged the Hollywood male-dominated environment is vile.

      Hillary Clinton had to overcome a superstorm of sexism every day of her career, her tenacity in this regard is a stained accomplishment ( I do admire her partly on this regard) because of how she turned on the women that were victimised by her sexual predator husband.

      • bebe says:

        See I said many times ser biggest failure was not to get rid of the predetor Bill Clinton. Can`t believed I admired him once, so did so many, many of democrats. But She is in the past.
        Now looking at Kamala Harris but it is too soon for her, she needs to wait another term.

        • Jack Angus says:

          You know long ago I used to say “let Cory Booker” have some time seasoning in the Senate and he may be POTUS…So what happened? the way the party is set-up the elitists decide who will be a rising star and if chosen then they have to become the tools of the party so that they “picked” Harris is enough to reject her. as it is she is already promoting full-throated the party’s dogma. She is wrong. Oh and the thing with keeping the Clintons in the conversation is because their brand of politics still defines the party—If there’s no real change let’s dispense with any new puppet and just elect Hillary…at least she has some experience.

      • MSolomon2 says:

        Bill is/was a master manipulator, he had everyone under his Svengali-spell.

  12. Jack Angus says:

    And the beat goes on.

    The Same Democrats Who Denounce Donald Trump as a Lawless, Treasonous Authoritarian Just Voted to Give Him Vast Warrantless Spying Powers

    “…the anti-Trump opposition movement that has coalesced within Democratic Party politics has appropriated a slogan — expressed in the hashtag form of contemporary online activism — that was historically used by those who unite, at all costs, to defeat domestic tyranny: #Resistance. One would hope, and expect, that those who genuinely view Trump as a menace of this magnitude and view themselves as #Resistance fighters would do everything within their ability to impose as many limits and safeguards as possible on the powers he is able to wield. If “resistance” means anything, at a minimum it should entail a refusal to trust a dangerous authoritarian to wield vast power with little checks or oversight.”

  13. fi says:

    Good evening my fellow carbon based friends, I hope all is well across there?

  14. Jack Angus says:

    So what do you think will happen during the midterm elections?

    I think, Dems will cling to establishment politicians more than ever and that even with all the Republican vacancies they will NOT gain control.

  15. Tio Azúcar says:

    Bet Fancy would have liked this.

  16. MSolomon2 says:

    Radical dimensions
    Relativity says we live in four dimensions. String theory says it’s 10. What are ‘dimensions’ and how do they affect reality?

  17. MSolomon2 says:

    Want faster data and a cleaner planet? Start mining asteroids

  18. MSolomon2 says:

    I am luving this site just stumbled on, they have deep and interesting articles. I have basically no use for xristianity or “organized” religion but this article is very interesting, and amusing as it shows the murican religious-“right” (WRONG!) in all their “beliefs” at a basic “fundamental” (see what I did there?) level! These cretins who luv to go on about how they read and “study” “their bible” no, of course, not a damned thing about what they claim to “believe” and live for.

    Everything you know about the Gospel of Paul is likely wrong

    David Bentley Hart
    is an Eastern Orthodox scholar of religion, and a philosopher, writer and cultural commentator. He is an associate at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study, and his latest book is The New Testament: A Translation (2017). He lives in South Bend, Indiana.

    • Jack Angus says:

      I wish they would at least clean-up some of their blatant lies.

      • MSolomon2 says:

        the xristians?!, oh my no it’s far too much a basic now. and anyway “the faithful” (especially the “fundamentalists” would never “believe” they were ever wrong. Would never-ever accept that their evangelical prosperity-gospel preachers (who are besties with god you know) could possibly be wrong about anything!

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