The Difference Between Me and Tom Wolfe

Every day he dressed dapperly in silk or linen suits; even just when he was jutting a few ideas on his typewriter. I put on my bunny onesie, Ok, I don’t wear a bunny onesie but I could if I wanted to. His desk was clutter but organized, I have to push aside half eaten tuna fish sandwiches just so I can press the power button on my laptop.

He was a well-celebrated author, probably the most iconic of his era—I have been read by maybe one and a half persons. He could expand or reduce social angst with masterful ease, I am adept in inanities and an occasional dick joke.

He was influential in the “New Journalism” movement emphasizing that  ” Total Immersion” should be as accurate as traditional journalism. I favor click-bait to get people to read posts about the dangers of Neoliberals….see what I did there?

He ran in the highbrow circles of the glitterati—I know people named Rat face Tony. Wolfe was a conservative, I’m a progressive. I can go on and on but there is one commonality we shared, the need to put down ideas, convictions and resolve on ink, in my case digital pixels, to describe the absurdity of the world around us and that PERHAPS there is always a better way for us to coexist…that and horrific grammar.



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352 Responses to The Difference Between Me and Tom Wolfe

  1. MSolomon2 says:

    The Expanse officially picked up at Amazon for Season 4

    BOOoooo!, Why-oh-why not Netflix!?!

  2. MSolomon2 says:

    This high-tech Doctor Strange cosplay using holograms is blowing our minds

    wonder how much 1 of these projectors costs?

  3. VSG 4E says:

    Where’s the ‘pinching the nose’ flagrant foul??….8-)

    • MSolomon2 says:

      this is capitalist-murica!, “free” speech!?!, not here! That’s comi/pinko/socialist talk! You gotta PAY for your speech here! (on the “market”) Bought & SOLD by our propaganda-ministry

  4. MSolomon2 says:

    Hate to sound like a CONSPIRACY! person, but… hmm…. Melania hummm… is it possible she is being held against her will, that she tried to FLEE and they locked her up because oh-my that would all be “disruptive” to the government for there to be some kind of meltdown (more then the day-to-day usual today) in the whitehouse… just-sayin!

    • bebe says:

      mean people are saying and tweeting Melania had a face reconstruction yet again and that is the reason she is not seen.
      I find that believable actually.

  5. MSolomon2 says:

    Tr*mp is the most corrupt President we have ever seen, and he is enriching himself every day by renting hotel rooms to foreign state representatives seeking favor, and by nations showering his business interests with mega loans. He has the nerve to call anybody, especially immigrants, “animals”. Emoluments laws are now meaningless.

  6. MSolomon2 says:

  7. MSolomon2 says:

  8. Fancy Jack says:

    I suppose the Donald has been behaving today?

  9. Fancy Jack says:

    Ok, the wifey wants to head out for a bit. She drove me nuts all day doing her social butterfly thing, now she wants to hang a bit? 1 hour that’s all she’ll get. I’m expecting a nice back rub.

  10. MSolomon2 says:

    The Venture Bros. will return to Adult Swim this summer

    SOooooo looking forward to this!

  11. MSolomon2 says:

    something classic, from Zardoz no less! 😉

  12. Fancy Jack says:

    Crap. router is funky time to reboot.

  13. MSolomon2 says:

    Hope this link posts, this is a must-see! Especially in our horrible excuse for a country and “society”.

  14. MSolomon2 says:

    Income inequality is changing how we think, live, and die
    Why society might be more stable if we had more poverty and less inequality.

    (couldn’t resist)

    • Fancy Jack says:


      Well, they did a mess of it until the conclussion of the article. More poverty, is not the answer, ask a poor person. “The argument is that democratic societies have got to negotiate these trade-offs and find the right balance between free markets and a progressive taxation system or a safety net that helps to even out the winners and losers” this is not going to level the social strata but will balance out the pshycological aspects of inequality which is what the article proposes.

      • MSolomon2 says:

        all the hand wringing (in murica) disgusts me, look to the Social-Democratic Scandinavian countries, that’s the model (no reinventing the wheel needed). They are the top countries in alllll the studies/polling ever year, always for “best” in all good things. They keep the ravaging beast that is “capitalism” bound and chained to the good of the People and Society better then anyone else, they are the model for a far better nation and society (not perfect of course, but far better then murica).

  15. MSolomon2 says:

    well if it quacks like a duck….

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