The Difference Between Me and Tom Wolfe

Every day he dressed dapperly in silk or linen suits; even just when he was jutting a few ideas on his typewriter. I put on my bunny onesie, Ok, I don’t wear a bunny onesie but I could if I wanted to. His desk was clutter but organized, I have to push aside half eaten tuna fish sandwiches just so I can press the power button on my laptop.

He was a well-celebrated author, probably the most iconic of his era—I have been read by maybe one and a half persons. He could expand or reduce social angst with masterful ease, I am adept in inanities and an occasional dick joke.

He was influential in the “New Journalism” movement emphasizing that  ” Total Immersion” should be as accurate as traditional journalism. I favor click-bait to get people to read posts about the dangers of Neoliberals….see what I did there?

He ran in the highbrow circles of the glitterati—I know people named Rat face Tony. Wolfe was a conservative, I’m a progressive. I can go on and on but there is one commonality we shared, the need to put down ideas, convictions and resolve on ink, in my case digital pixels, to describe the absurdity of the world around us and that PERHAPS there is always a better way for us to coexist…that and horrific grammar.



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  1. bebe says:

    One American classy Lady !

    • MSolomon2 says:

      such a rarity it seems these days that we have anything classy from Murica.

      • bebe says:

        So true, I did read about her, has a doctorate , social worker and yoga teacher…way more qualified than dumdum trump.

  2. Fancy Jack says:

    Awesome day in NYC. Too bad I can’t get out and enjoy it until late afternoon.

  3. Fancy Jack says:

    EFF you National Review! Calling Kamala Harris a PROGRESSIVE is an insult to all including those 13 hard working Russian Trolls, SHAME ON YOU!

  4. fi says:

  5. Fancy Jack says:

    It’s ALIENS:

    BY MEGHAN BARTELS ON 5/21/18 AT 9:51 AM

  6. MSolomon2 says:

    Stuff We Love: A Shoggoth on the Roof takes a beloved musical to unmentionable places
    Maybe you’ve seen Fiddler on the Roof. Maybe you’re vaguely familiar with at least some of the songs. Maybe you even starred in some off-off-off-off-off-Broadway version of it like I did in the seventh grade. If you can say yes to any of these and have an undying devotion to the cult of Cthulhu, the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society (HPLHS) has done the unthinkable by taking that musical to the depths of R’lyeh and mutating it into A Shoggoth on the Roof.

  7. Fancy Jack says:

    Look at all the happy faces!

    Today I can slack off, just how does that work?

  8. Fancy Jack says:

    I just love this….and it’s a lesson to those dipshits that were part of the 2016 “JACK” and the Realm are sexist email crowd, those that followed are just political neophytes, nuff said.

    Hillary Clinton to endorse Gov. Andrew Cuomo at New York Democratic convention
    Joseph Spector, Albany Bureau Chief

    HRC, her camp, her supporters fostered the FAKE NEWS that Dems that do not support her are sexist BERNIE BROS, that women voting for Sanders were brainwashed and voting against their own best interest. Ok, now there is a WOMAN challenging the ‘good old boys club’ in NY and what does she do?

    Yeah, you guessed it—she supports a male NEOLIBERAL.

    Now I don’t support Cynthia Nixon because I’m sick and tired of these PERSONALITY candidates that appear progressive on the surface on social issues but NEOLIBERAL down to the core on policy.

    • fi says:

      Then exactly who do you support?
      I don’t know what makes a progressive in the US!

    • bebe says:

      Picky, picky…Sex in the City woman is up to no good, how about Jill the skinny b***** tune challenged and was in cahoot with Putin ? 🙄

      • Fancy Jack says:

        I’m not going to reply to your Stein comments. I have provided you many times independent sources to check-out the entire “RUSSIA” thing, and you never commented on the video that she trashes a CNN or MSNBC hack about it…maybe you should ask Rachel “Mad cow disease” Maddow 😛

        As for Nixon, she is as qualified or unqualified as anyone running for office these days. AND this is the problem, anyone can run and be taken seriously because they are a TV personality. With those actors/reality, tv clowns it becomes; skip having any political experience and go straight to the White House.

  9. MSolomon2 says:

    Bernie’s army in disarray
    The Sanders-inspired grass-roots group ‘Our Revolution’ is flailing, an extensive review by POLITICO shows, fueling concerns about a potential 2020 bid.

    I can’t help but think this is establishment manipulations, they’ve been fighting any REAL Liberal Progressives trying to run.

    • Fancy Jack says:

      BOOM! There it is, TRUTH!

      I’ve been critical of making a movement under the BERNIE banner when he won’t even play nice with them. Turner is nuts and opportunists. People need to get over it, Bernie will/should not run again, he has lost a lot of support.

      • MSolomon2 says:

        I don’t blame Bernie for this, he isn’t running this thing, that was the point it was supposed to be a separate thing – now that scuz-bag opportunist, SHE I blame!

        • Fancy Jack says:

          Nope, that was the excuse. Bernie did not expect the support he got and ALWAYS planned to continue his Democratic party Stockholm syndrome. He wants to be the Democratic party champion while still sticking by the Neolibs, he will NEVER get my vote again. The REVOLUTION was not his he co-opted it.

  10. MSolomon2 says:

  11. MSolomon2 says:

  12. cobaltbluedog says:

    Jack once told me he plays the armpit. This guy, too. It might be a song about his goat being a progressive, hard to tell.

  13. bebe says:

    What a troll

  14. bebe says:

    BOBBY it is time !!!!

  15. MSolomon2 says:

    NFL’s new national anthem policy: Players must stand if on field but can opt to stay in locker room
    COLLUSION with dear-leader! FASCISM!

  16. MSolomon2 says:

    Trump FCC Tries to Claim Its Blatant Sinclair Favoritism Was Entirely Coincidental
    The FCC has quickly been dismantling rules designed to protect media consumers and smaller competitors.

    can’t have a reich-wing authoritarian-dictatorship without a ministry-of-propaganda!

  17. MSolomon2 says:

    Netflix Secret Codes List: How to Hack the Site’s Hidden Categories

    Oh now this looks useful! Gunna have to try this out!, see what hidden gems can be un-earthed!

  18. MSolomon2 says:

    • MSolomon2 says:

      treasonous-traitors alll, and you know they did it as a sell-out for their elections coming up, trying to appeal to the reich-wing elements as “moderate” (republicans).

      • Fancy Jack says:

        They are so-called Centrist Democrats. I think all Dems are, OK THERE’S STILL A FEW THAT AREN’T, Neoliberal, just the amount differs.

        • MSolomon2 says:

          centrist, BAH!, what we used to call “moderate” republicans, before they went extinct., filthy-damned sellouts to the neo-feudals and corporates! KILL-them-ALL, I say!!!

          reminds me of a meeting had Mon, a co-worker jokingly asked me how to clean blood stains (he knows me so well!), I said you don’t., you burn the evidence.

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