Historic Meeting Of The Lesser Minds

“I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire.” ~”Little” Kim Jong-Un

“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself,”

~ Donald “Dotard” Trump.


There is a strange comfort knowing that Denis Rodman will be in Singapore to make things less crazy.

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154 Responses to Historic Meeting Of The Lesser Minds

  1. MSolomon2 says:

    Trump reportedly claimed to leaders at the G7 that Crimea is part of Russia because everyone there speaks Russian
    Business Insider
    The nine leaders pose for the media during the Family photo on the first day of the G7 Summit, on 8 June, 2018 in La Malbaie, Canada. Canada will host the leaders of the UK, Italy, the US, France, Germany and Japan for the two day summit, in the town of La Malbaie. President Donald Trump told leaders at the G7 summit that Crimea is part of Russia because everyone there speaks Russian, according to diplomatic sources.

    MOAR COLLUSION!!! POOTIN!, pee-tapes!!!

  2. mrx27 says:

    Stuck inside these four walls….

  3. mrx27 says:


  4. mrx27 says:

    Trump don’t know what is like…

  5. Fancy Jack says:

    Awesome rendition of “L’Americano.”

  6. Fancy Jack says:

    Fiona sure sleeps a lot.

  7. mrx27 says:

    I strike out again…damn

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