Political Pornography

Peace  from the ( intended sarcasm for those that are not Pomchi) loon:


Now that Trump has met “Rocketman” and all-a·round DICtator and the American “LEFT” has mocked, lampooned and had a hell of a good time dismissing any opportunity of a Denuclearized North Korea, how should the US proceed with the prospect of North Korean disarmament?

Even if  Donal Trump brought peace to the region, hell let’s throw the middle east for good measure, even if he did this, his record in the year, 145 days, 12 hours, 15 ( as of the time I began writing this) minutes he has been in office negates any hope that he will be regarded as an effective, or sane, leader. I think we know what garbage he is no matter where we fall on the political map.

When it comes to the prospect of avoiding  runaway nuclear tensions between countries it is  EVERYONE’S moral imperative to support any measure that may bring about peace,  even from a POS like Trump, but hey there’s another alternative let’s embrace the Political Pornographers, the  Maddow’s caw away in hyperpolarized way, the pseudo-political late-night TV pundits reduce the topic to one-liners, forget that increasingly sane voices are advocating peace talks, let’s blame Putin and hope that Trump gets us involved in  another Vietnam so we can say AH-HA! gotcha! Bobby take him away, this is the part that Mike Pence would cut in and say, “I’m Mike Pence and G-d and I approve this message!

If we fail what is the worse thing that can happen, a nuclear Armageddon?  or what many fear far more…that Trump is awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Don’t worry we know that a Nobel Peace Prize can be given to any joker for absolutely nothing.

What the man the left loves to quote, ONLY when it suits them, has to say:

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