Our Beloved Companions

It doesn’t matter if they are named Herbert Hoover, have fur or feathers, bark or swims to us they are part of our family and when one comes to the end of their life cycle, we mourn them and remember them always. MSolomon,  our condolences just know that you were a good dad.

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  1. MSolomon2 says:

    Have a question for anyone who’d dealt with putting anyone’s “affairs in order”. My Dad had just bought a car, literally hasn’t even been time for the first payment. What do I do with this car? I didn’t co-sign don’t think anyone did so no one is responsible financially so I understand… I’m confused about what the legal status of it is? Who owns it? I’m his heir of course but there are payments but I’m not legally responsible so I understand? I’m completely confused on this.

  2. Fancy Jack says:
  3. MSolomon2 says:

    A history of happiness explains why capitalism makes us feel empty inside
    Swedish researcher Carl Cederström on how corporations redefined happiness and turned hippies into Reagan voters.

    good article! been thinking along the same lines myself lately that murica, by corporate design murdered community and connections wanting all the slave/cogs to be unconnected pieces and “mobile” – that this is alot at the heart of what’s happened today, no community, no connections total breakdown of “society”.

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