TOS ( Rev. )

Don’t worry I’m not trying to become a legitimate blogger, no time for it and no money in it.  Just have fun.

Art by Yue Minjun

“Between Men and Animal”

To the occasional idiot or Progressive passing-by. This site, in it’s core, is about satire the opinions herein are just that…  opinions—Everyone is welcome to join this  community. I do not allow speech that advocates or supports hatred ( i.e. I  hate jews and fags) or unlawful violence ( lets kill blogger X because he is a dork)or that expresses racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, or other intolerance( jackhole is a punk 😉 ). Likewise, threats of violence or threats to any individual or any group’s personal safety are not acceptable. All content (“submissions”), including images, videos, text, links, comments, ideas and suggestions and other types of media/data (“material”) transmitted by you onto the site shall remain your sole and exclusive property. You shall be solely responsible for the submission and the consequences of submitting material to the site by posting it, sharing it, commenting and suggesting it on/to the site. Any material submitted is deemed to be public information.
—Now Fok off! 😉

ADDENDUM: Unstable mother fuckers stay away.

7 Responses to TOS ( Rev. )

  1. HITO says:

    Things are getting confusing on here.

    Wish you’d date stuff for those with a natural gravitation to alzheimers, who aren’t sure if I’ve been here before.


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  3. CarrieAntigua says:

    Now I am totally lost…

  4. Tony says:

    thank you for visiting my blog and putting a like! Your blog is very interesting… feel free to contact me for everything… in the hope you’ll be back to read my posts,

  5. waverly says:

    Hiya Jack

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