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First Day Of Summer!

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On June 19, 2019:  The struggle continues over a century later, in the most racially divided administration since the Civil rights movement, armed with intelligence, resolve and grace our African American brothers and sisters ( make no mistake about it … Continue reading

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If Hate He Wants…Hate He Shall Get!

There are a million reasons TROLLmp should have never been allowed to run as POTUS but none is greater than his penchant for unabridged hate. This pitiful stretch of aging, rotting human orange foreskin, has set America back to the … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers are one of the most significant persons in anyone’s life, celebrate them if you have them, remember them if they are gone.

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A 2020 Democrat Victory Death Warrant Has Been Issued

So! uncle Joe “mild sexual harassment” Biden is going mano a mano with Bernie, ” I am the Democrat party’s bitch” Sanders— your old geezer vs the socialist geezer. What separates them beyond receding hairlines? Joe, is the typical Democrat. … Continue reading

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