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Don't worry I'm not trying to be a Legitimate time for it and no money in it, just have fun.


Lately, it seems I can’t write anymore. Nothing does it for me anymore, not fighting Trump, the Republicans, hell even the Neolibs have lost their luster. When I have conversations, in the “really real world” (pop culture reference went over your … Continue reading

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Today Is 1-1-18

“Nothing changes on New Year’s day” ~U2

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Celebrating Angus

“Meow!” ~ Angus, the cat. Anyone that knows cats, knows that simple vocalization can mean anything from I love you to a prelude of a fury. Fiona’s  cat ( legal documents show she was actually my cat) was independent as … Continue reading

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Pai To The Face!

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“What I like about the jokes, to me it’s a lot of logic, no matter how crazy they are. It has to make absolute sense, or it won’t be funny.” ~ Steven Wright Ahhh! the classic comedy Pie in the … Continue reading

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Returning To Kansas

Not again, Toto. We were ripped from Kansas, we pounded the yellow brick road, we clung to our new friends–funny how familiar they seemed to us– we fought witches and their flying monkey minions, we became the FUCKING wizard trying … Continue reading

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