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Remembering Sarah (Fancy Kat)

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   Our fancy lady being just that! 😀 Will miss you dear friend. I met Fancy, over at the current TV forums. At that time things were not all too friendly on the internet for me. The realm had some disturbed … Continue reading

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Fancy Kat Now And Forever!

Well until I hear otherwise Fancy is still with us, so let’s make her feel that she is loved.

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A Page For A Fancy Lady

Well looks like our FK is back at the hospital. Mr Fancy  sent an update. She checked herself out, who wouldn’t? hospitals suck, from the hospital and after a few hours  Mr Fancy  gave emergency CPR, She is now at … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day: Love Exciting and New

“Love? A blip on the monitor of involuntary human response. A hiccup of emotion when compared with envy, hatred, lust. And just who was this Saint Valentine? A bishop, Roman, Third Century, got his head sliced off… ouch. For marrying … Continue reading

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What “Is” Ours!

Sorry for huffing and puffington: NOPE! Bernie should not head a new party…Have we learned nothing from the Neoliberal hero worship? Had he wanted that transformative change he would have done it immediately after the DNC fraud. Look at his … Continue reading

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