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First Day Of Summer

Summer solstice 2017 in Northern Hemisphere was at 12:24 AM on Wednesday , June 21

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Who Let the Do…Ah, C’mon! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Guys!


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Adam West: September 1928 – June 2017

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Every so often American pop culture loses an icon, AW is one. Prior to being  BATMAN,  West  had diverse portfolio having roles from Westerns to an astronaut landing on Mars on TV’s the Outer limits. The 1966-68 Batman series was campy, tongue-in-cheek and … Continue reading

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Another Prick On The Wall

I feel bad for world leaders, they still don’t get it. We don’t just have a political ideologue as POTUS, we have a SOCIOPATH  running our nation.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green . . . Or A Shiny Horse Head*

Man-child strikes again! Putin is singing “Don’t worry be happy,” the world is  looking at us aghast, scientist are doing the crunchy number thing; telling us we’re playing Russian roulette( sorry Vlad) with the environment, states and townships vow to adhere … Continue reading

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