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Donald On Film

Well since the Donald music page was a resounding success let’s do a movie page for Donnie.

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Crazy Don Musicality

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Just posting some crazy songs for you know who because I’m going nuts having to hear about him.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom was a free spirit; had the looks of a Hollywood starlet; yep it skipped one generation for me; like all good moms her gifts were love; safety; stability. She was also a real pisser if you got on … Continue reading

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DT Showboating

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France: Jour d’élection

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  Viva le albinos nain por. . .nevermind wrong topic. In France there’s this little election. A macaroni and a pen are facing each other in a run-off election. Prediction: People will dump massive amounts of escargot in the ocean, there … Continue reading

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