Night Music

You “listened” to me complain about NBC Universal before and you will “listen” to me once more testify to the never-ending incompetence of this media and entertainment company.

In the 80’s NBC Universal had a string of hits with shoot ’em-up, car chase, Blow ’em-up TV shows.  They tried to stick to this formula longer than other networks, it appeared that the myopic executives could not see beyond the A-Team.  Lucky for them after Cheers, their decade long hit, they scored big with Seinfeld and friends, still they lust to have another shoot ’em-up crappy show on the air so they remade Knight Rider twice!

One of the better shows Battlestar Galactica, one that they passed on because  it wasn’t Magnum PI enough for them, caught the attention of acclaimed TV producer Ronald D. Moore, the series was a hit with the public and critics BUT we are still talking about a series that NBC Universal had the rights to so they  frak things-up.

What does this have to do with the video on this page? Last night I posted the video, a clip of  Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables singing I Dreamed A  Dream—a moving rendition. The video had enough hits on you tube already and when I embedded it last night it played well.  Surprisingly enough today it was blocked by who?

You guessed it—NBC Universal. I see the same myopia of the 80’s is still prevalent in NBC Universal, it’s like flesh-eating bacteria eating them alive. Seems that they have an involvement in the hit movie Les Miserables. So rather than allowing a few clips on you tube, where people can see that the movie may be worth watching, they act blindly to censor what they can’t control. They can’t see the value in having people decide for themselves if the movie is worth watching, you know we have been exposed to endless hours of their bull shit shows, let us watch a clip submitted by someone not involved in the production because frankly you have no credibility.

Perhaps they are ashamed that the movie doesn’t have any car chases.

Rant over. 

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411 Responses to Night Music

  1. Beowoof says:

    These guys are wacky, but I like it
    The Real Tuesday Weld—–Asteroids

  2. Beowoof says:

    Hitting midnight here. Bedtime for Beo——Goodnight guys, Love and Peace out
    Herbie Hancock – Maiden Voyage

  3. captainpoco says:

    off to work. Ciao.

  4. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    Rotten night, been laying awake from before 2 am to 4, finally got up and came online. I hate laying there not sleeping. TV is so awful at 4am.

  5. captainpoco says: dubstep cockatiel

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